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Pre-ordering a game is a very smart thing to do. You pay a measly P500 to essentially reserve your copy of the game and the money ultimately goes towards the final price of the game. Retailers get some money in advance, and they get an idea of how much they need to order. To sweeten the deal, game companies normally add some bonuses for buying the game early.

However, there was a time, not too long ago, that pre-order bonuses were for Japanese, European and North American markets only. A lot of them were specific to retail outlets like Gamestop or Amazon, which we in the Philippines had no access to whatsoever. We had to beg for scraps and wait for pre-order bonuses to come out as DLC. Not all of them do, unfortunately. No item from this list of the best pre-order bonuses came to our shores. Not even this.

But thanks to DataBlitz, all that is changing!

The very first game with a full set of pre-order bonuses that I availed of from DataBlitz was for Battlefield 3. The full set was for Back to Karkand and the Physical Warfare pack, the same two packs that came with the Gamestop pre-order. And, to top it all off, we got a shirt, too. I loved that shirt, I wore it until I broke it. With Mass Effect 3, they had shirts, too.

More and more game publishers are offering pre-order bonuses via DataBlitz, and it is exciting as the possibilities are limitless. Take, for example, Grand Theft Auto V. Today is the last day of pre-ordering. If you do, you will get a limited edition poster. Also, you'll get to fly the Atomic blimp. If you get the special edition or the collector's edition, you get extra items and stuff like bonus tattoos, weapons and plane trials.

In a somewhat unrelated note, do you remember last year's snafu between X-Play and DataBlitz regarding NBA 2k13? Turns out, DataBlitz won the case, and is now able to distribute NBA 2K14, and their pre-order bonuses are just BANANAS!

Not only do you get the standard pre-order bonus - the King James bonus pack, which includes extra content for the Path to Greatness mode, LeBron James signature skill (probably disables the pass button), LeBron James unlocked in Blacktop mode, and 10,000 virtual currency to buy in-game stuff - but you also get an NBA 2k14 poster and a chance to win tickets to the NBA Global Games Philippines between the Houston Rockets and the Indiana Pacers to be held at the Mall of Asia Arena on October 10, 2013. Tickets to that game are stupid expensive and are going to be hard to get. If you're going to get NBA 2K14, might as well get the chance to win tickets, right? Click here for mechanics.

And not only are we getting tasty pre-order bonuses, we're also getting a loyalty program soon.

So, essentially, what this article is saying is that thanks to DataBlitz, we're getting pre-order bonuses. While they're not at par with North American offerings, we're slowly getting there. And even though game distribution is leaning towards digital download, we should still support our game retail outlets here in the Philippines. They're all we got.


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