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There isn't anyone in this world who doesn't love minions. If you don't, I think you're not from this planet and you should get out! Kidding. I mean, they're so cute and funny and lovable and all that and I fell in love with them instantly the moment I saw them in the first Despicable Me movie. Oh, how I envy Gru... Minions talk funny and I really believe every Despicable Me geek out there should learn their language so we could converse like them. Hashtag kidding, not kidding.

They have this Banana and Potato song which is very, very, very adorable. I'm certain you've already heard from the trailer (and which, by the way, not to sound too nerdy, I memorized ages ago). So, can you imagine how stoked I am for the second movie?! Yeah? Beyond, dude, beyond!

Anyhoo, along with the much anticipated Despicable Me 2, Gameloft launched a game freely available for iOS and Android users. The game's name's Minion Rush and I personally love it!!!

The game's goal is to be the Most Despicable Minion. So basically, you're a minion in the game. You run and collect bananas along the way as well as power-ups and hit other minions for your

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score to multiply faster thus getting the highest despicable one.

As you start the game, there will be a short video introducing the goal. Afterwards, you choose which minion you would be. There is a default one for starters and the others, you have to purchase by spending tokens and bananas. Of course, these others have certain attributes for your score to get higher. You have the option to connect the game to your Facebook account (like any other game) so you'd be able to challenge your friends, win prizes and also see who's got the highest despicable score. There are missions you need to complete to increase your score multiplier, and goals to achieve, which have an equivalent prizes, as well.

Power-ups include:
Banana Splitter - doubles the number of bananas you collect.
Banana Vacuum - attracts bananas.
Minion Shield - protects you from one hit (one of my 3 favourites).
Minion Launcher - you'll be launched to have a head start of 400 meters.
Gru's Rocket - covers longer distances faster.
Fluffy Unicorn - it's basically banana overload and believe me when I say it's so fluffy I'm gonna die!
Mega Minion - you're gonna get huge and increase your score multiplier as you knock minions off (favourite number 2).
Freeze Ray - my most favourite of all because I get to freeze and smash obstacles and it feels so good!
They are available and so helpful and you can upgrade them to use them longer. Bananas and tokens are also available at the shop. A more detailed how-to's can be found on the options button of the game.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a really fun and addictive game, easy to play and playable even if there's no wi-fi! Another fun part is that you can hear the minion voices; I giggle at the most random times because of it. Plus, the joy of defeating the haughty Meena and Vector!

So go download it and give it a try! It's a good way to kill your time, be the top among your friends and be the most despicable minion of all! Have fun playing and see you at the movies!!!


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