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Because of how cool I found that Kidlat costume, from the show on TV5 of the same name, I thought it'd be cool to try and recreate the character on DC Universe Online. So I did, and this was the best I could do.

Admittedly, it's not a great likeness. For one thing, the mask on my DCUO version covers the nose bridge, and Kidlat's doesn't. The lightning emblem on my character has two bolts, while Kidlat has an embossed single bolt. In my defense, I had no choice. There was only one version of the lightning emblem and that was it. The torso on my DCUO version is pretty different from the original, but at least I was able to get those yellow/gold lines. The shoulder plates aren't bad, though. My DCUO gloves are the closest you can get to those biker gloves Kidlat's got on.

The pants I'm a little proud of because at certain angles, they're pretty spot on. The boots are pretty goddamn different - I had to resort to cuffed boots for my DCUO Kidlat.

Sorry, that's the closest I could get it. What can we conclude from this? DCUO has horrible character customization options. Champions Online did it way better. I'm going to make another Kidlat character once my Champions Online download completes.

To get a semi-good DCUO Kidlat complete with powers, I had to drop $15. $10 for the Electricity power and $5 for the Voltaic Weapon set.

You need to get the Lightning Strikes DLC for the powers - you get new story missions, new weapons and a couple bounties. Unfortunately, you can't change the color of the power, unlike in Champions Online. Would've been cool to have all his electric powers in blue, because that's how it is on the show. There are some electricity power in blue, though, particularly the ones for defense and health regen.

The Voltaic Gloves give DCUO Kidlat a look of continuous power, like how electricity should be. I named the character Derek Kidlat, because "Kidlat," "Kidlatt," "Kiddlat," and derivatives thereof were taken.

What's great about the Electricity power in DCUO is that it's a healer role. And healer roles are in demand because the other healer role powers, Nature and Sorcery, aren't all that sexy. With the hand blast weapon, which I've assigned to Derek Kidlat, damage output isn't all that great, so I stick with healing people on my team. Good thing the hand blast compliments the power set very nicely.

Electricity power set is still very fun to play, though. I love the stun + DPS attack and the chain lightning move, unlocked at level 12. Kidlat doesn't do huge damage, but at least healer role attacks give a nice boost in defense and health to everyone in the party. Plus, as you can see in the picture above, kicking gorilla's asses is fun as hell. Couple things I'll have to improve on are the amount of health I heal and the recovery speed of energy to use the powers.

For movement power, I chose flight. I saw Kidlat fly off one time, and thought it'd be cool to give my DCUO Kidlat the same movement power even though I think super speed would've worked, too. Plus check the picture above out; it looks so awesome with the Voltaic Gloves.

I know the skin color is off, but that can be remedied. Check out how much better he is than the other super powered denizens of DCUO Metropolis.


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