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Hot off the presses from Namco, the makers of Tekken, is the announcement of the first press bonuses. Since this was a Japanese press release, I don't exactly know what they meant by "first press bonuses" though I'm inclined to believe these are on-disc bonuses or DLC of some kind. I'm not sure if that's synonymous with pre-order bonuses, though. (EDIT: First press bonuses mean pre-order bonusesAnyhoo, we learned that those bonuses will include the Swimsuit Costume Set and Lili's Fluffy Skirt. Confused? Are you going "swimsuit? skirt?!" Well, take a gander, my friend. And try to hide your boner.

You may be thinking, is this going to be the next DoA? See for yourself. Check out the bouncies.

I'm not complaining! 

So, it turns out, everyone's getting swimsuit costumes - even the dudes, the animals and the monsters. Yes, even the monsters. And they're all equally skimpy. Playing as Heihachi in a  thong would be enough of a distraction to get the edge over your opponent.

Lili's fluffy skirt is likely going to be an alternate costume. I haven't seen any pics, but I'm sure it'll look good, if Tekken's costume design history is any indication.

Oh, here's a little bit more info. Apparently, there'll be a Snoop Dogg stage. It'll feature golden speakers, with a Snoop Dogg emblem right smack dab in the center of the arena. It'll be called the Golden Arena. Snoop Dogg will be rendered in the background, along with fine bitches (the press release said "beautiful ladies," but I had to run with it). The kicker - the BGM for that stage is called "Knocc Em' Down," and it was written by Snoop himself.

The press release mentions something about special titles "Angel & Devil," "One blow of exhilaration," and "Home Gamer." You can download them by entering the code found on an insert in the game. They're for the arcade version.

1 million G in-game currency has also been added as a bonus, as well. You can use that money to buy costumes and stuff to prettify your characters. Why fight at all if you can't fight in style, right?

And then, if you pre-order from Datablitz, you get these goodies. I always love shirts that come with games. Click on the image for more details.

The game drops September 11, 2012 for the PS3 and XBox 360.


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