10 Super Powerful Weapons in Video Gaming

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After watching this video of the sniper shotgun wielded by a guy who I can only assume is totally into vikings, I got to thinking about what other weapons in games are utterly destructively powerful. What other weapons out there in the world of pixels and polygons are capable of such pure obliterating force? Well, I picked out 10 but I'm sure one guy's list will differ from another so I made sure that this isn't a top-tier list. There are hundreds of games, and there are thousands of weapons, and since no one can really play them all, no one can absolutely name the top 10 super weapons of all time. I guess unless you're a super nerd.

So, let's get to it.

10. Hand Cannon from Resident Evil 4

This weapon is unlocked only after you beat the game and get 5 stars in each Mercenary mode with each character. When you do that, you get it for free from that creepy guy who sells you weapons. STRANGAH! What sucks is that to make it one of the most powerful and convenient weapons ever, you have to upgrade it and that costs a lot of coin. But if you have the pisetas, it can destroy practically everything in the game and you won't have to reload it ever. Those pesky Spanish zombies are blown back with every shot.

The reason why the Chicago Typewriter or the Infinite Rocket Launcher didn't take the spot is because the Typewriter doesn't have that satisfying BOOM of Hand Cannon nor does it have the power and the Rocket Launcher is just way too cumbersome.

9. Spread Gun/ Shot from Contra

In one of the most popular 8-bit games of all time, there is one weapon that can be considered by everyone who has ever played it as the go-to gun - the spread shot. Seriously, you won't need any other gun. Every shot literally covers half the screen with red circular bullets of death. In fact, when you first acquire this gun, you avoid all the other flying weapon caches like you owed them money.

If you thought the 30 lives cheat was the ultimate way to beat this game, you'd be wrong. With the spread gun, everything becomes target practice and you don't even have to aim.

8. Death's Head from Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth was one of the coolest video games I ever played on the PC. It became even funner when I learned I could edit a text file and have the tanks say the weirdest shit. Unfortunately, only a handful of people know of this game, even though it was a step in the evolution of the games that paved the way for Worms.

Essentially, you picked a type of tank and you used angles and velocity to send different types of bombs and warheads to obliterate your opponents. Though you had a diverse artillery, no other bomb had the same destructive capability as the Death's Head nuke. Sure, it wasn't as big as one of the other daddy nukes but it let out multiple nukes and it covered most of the screen in nuclear radioactive death.

Here's a video. Sorry, the uploader disabled embedding.

7. Metal Blades from Mega Man 2

Mega Man had a buttload of weapons to pick from, depending on which robot boss he beats. Some of them are useful for platforming or getting through obstacles. Others were as useless as a solar powered flashlight. Others still were good all around weapons. However, no other weapon in Mega Man history had more kill potential than the Metal Blades from Mega Man 2. Not only did regular baddies stand no chance against the spinning steel bringers of decapitation, but even most of the robot bosses were defenseless against it.

Compounding the strength of the weapon is the fact that you can fire it rapidly in multiple directions. It doesn't use up a lot of energy, and oh, it's exploitable. Here's a video of it at work. Start watching at around the 5 minute mark.

6. Experimental MIRV from Fallout 3

Okay, let's establish a general rule - nukes are powerful. And in the vanilla game of Fallout 3, the Experimental MIRV, a unique Fat Man, is one of the best things you could ever get your hands on, especially if you're into raining down despair and lifelessness onto the desolate radioactive wasteland you call home.

Here's a guide on how to get it. Once you have it, you can launch up to 8 mini nukes into a general direction. And when I say "general direction," I really just mean "forward." Load it up and fire it into the hapless, defenseless citizens of a post-apocalyptic Washington DC and melt their everything off. The blast radius is so great, you'd have to get up high for best results. And when I say "best results," I mean "so you can kill more people without killing yourself."

5. Knights of the Round from Final Fantasy VII

The world of Final Fantasy has always had themes of ultimate weaponry and spells. Part of the fun of Final Fantasy was to grind for these mythical destroyers. What's cool was each weapon in every series had different methods of acquisition. One of the most satisfying ones was the Knights of the Round materia from FFVII.

To get it, all you had to do was go to a remote north eastern island. But wait, your airship has nowhere to land, so you'd need an alternative method of transportation. You had to breed chocobos. It took a really long time to do because you had to acquire specific chocobos and train each one to be able to produce a golden chocobo. I won't get into that right now, so here's a guide.

When you do acquire it, you'll find that it will be well worth the effort. There's a reason your characters call out "Ultimate End" when they use the summon materia. 12 hits from 12 powerful knights come raining down upon your enemy. If you get your magic stat high enough, you could get 9999 on each hit.

It's so epic, it takes a full minute and change to just finish the animation.

4. RYNO from Ratchet and Clank series

In a game where the arsenal has always been over the top, there has to be that one ultimate weapon that tops even the most outrageous of guns. And that would be the RYNO. Each game has a different version of the RYNO, but the one thing that all have common is that it is a killing machine. As the video below says - there's only one strategy with this weapon: squeeze the trigger.

Best part about this weapon is that the only thing keeping you from acquiring it would be the cost. There's no special mission or requirement for it, no side quests, no special tricks. You just buy it. Sure it costs a bunch, but it'll be worth it.

Some people prefer the RYNO 2, but I dunno if that's really the ultimate RYNO. Which one is your favorite RYNO?

3. BFG9000 from the Doom series

It isn't even fair. Just the name makes it the most badass weapon in the virtual universe. But then again, I guess if you're trapped on planet hell, you would need a massively overpowered weapon just to make it through the day. It was rare enough to keep the game from breaking; if you had a gun that can wipe pretty much every enemy out, it wouldn't be thrilling, would it?

The BFG fires off a blast of green plasma that explodes upon contact and it obliterates everything in the blast radius. Also, we know it stands for Big Fucking Gun, but the movie gave it a semi-realistic name "Bio Feedback Gun." So, yeah, when you're asked what BFG means, you have a PG answer.

Here it is taking down the Guardian of Hell.

Here it is taking down everything else.

2. The Blue Shell from Mario Kart

If there's one source for all the rage-quitting on Mario Kart, it would definitely have to be the Blue Shell from hell. It's meant to balance out the game by giving it to players who lag behind. It gives them a chance to catch up. Well, that was the intention, at least, but all it really does is mess up someone's game and cause people to rage HARD.

It homes in on the lead racer and explodes. It's almost impossible to avoid and only a star (oh and apparently, well-timed mushrooms, but as you can see in the comments section, people are claiming witchcraft) can save you from it. But then again, who gets stars or mushrooms when in first place? In first place, you're only given shitty items like banana peels and fake boxes.

People hate it so much they made a song about it. Gotta admit, it is pretty catchy.

Stand in awe of its astounding POWER!

1. Tactical Light from Battlefield 3

The tac light in Battlefield 3 has the power OF THE MOTHERFUCKING SUN! Even in broad daylight, from meters away, anyone unlucky enough to come face to face with one is blinded instantly, with the power of a thousand burning suns! It's like a flashbang you can attach to your gun, and point it anywhere you want.

See? Look at that?! Can you see that? Of course you can't! YOU'RE FUCKING BLIND NOW!

Okay, I exaggerate. They've nerfed the tac lights with a patch after the entire BF3 community all went "WHAT IN THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT LIGHT?!"

Check out some dudes troll some people with the tac light pre-patch.

Lemme know which weapons are, in your opinion, are overpowered. I know your list is different from mine so drop a comment and let's start flaming each other. Let's go!


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