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Just the other day, I was playing Marvel VS Capcom 3 because I bought an arcade stick It was a decision I now regret (the purchase, not playing MVC3). Then, I thought to myself "Wonder when Nova and Phoenix Wright are gonna be revealed." And just like magic, I click on YouTube and find a new UMVC3 trailer and Nova and Wright videos. The new UMVC3 trailer is pretty cool because it shows a bit of the PS Vita and how it'd work with Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3.

Besides the introduction of Nova (fuck yes) and Phoenix Wright (WHY!?), it was cool to see that the Vita will be running this game AND we get release dates! North America gets it November 15, 2011. Japan gets it two days after, November 17, 2011 and Europe another day after that, November 18, 2011. It's likely we get it on the 17, too. So around a week after MW3. I'll likely pick UMVC3 up but won't play it until after I've had my fill of MW3. So Q3 2012.

Phoenix Wright was a mystery to most people when he was announced. No one understood why he would be in a fighting game and everyone was unsure about how he would fit in. It is now obvious that the general public was right to worry. The dude doesn't seem to fit in well with the roster, at least thematically. That's kind of a big deal for someone like me. Of course we'll have to wait to pass judgement on him until we've actually played the game, but from the looks of things, I'll just go "ugh" every time I have to go up against him.

Wright has a lot of confusing moves, from what I can see and plays a mean keep-away game. Guess we should wait until the pros give their analysis of him.

What I love about Nova is that he plays exactly how I predicted he'd play. Lots of zooming moves, thrusting him from point to point. Well, he is known as the human rocket, right? The energy lance is a bonus but a a very welcome one. His supers are exactly the supers I would've put in there had I been a designer of the game, except for maybe one. Seems like he doesn't have a Level 3 Hyper Combo. I would've given him one where he flies into space and smashes into his opponent, causing major damage. I'm excited to play Nova with Iron Man.

Here's some gameplay.


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