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One day, long ago, as I was browsing Machinima's YouTube channel for some awesome machinima and Top Ten FTW, I chanced upon something called "Transformers WFC Rap." I figured I'd give it a listen because I have a massive geek-on for War For Cyberton. Glad I did because it blew my mind right out of the back of my head, after which my face promptly melted.

The song was produced by TeamHeadKick, and they are awesome. They have a channel up on YouTube and are affiliated with Machinima. TeamHeadKick produces machinima and video game-related music. Oh, sorry, let me correct myself - ASS KICKING video game-related music. Their music is the kind of thing you'd want playing in the background while slaying zombies during a zombie apocalypse because you get a +4 to your ass kicking stat with it on.

Here are some of my favorites. Be warned, though. You may have to wear a helmet.

Head Huntin' (Modern Warfare 2)

Red Dead (Red Dead Redemption)

Make You Bleed (Assassin's Creed 2)

Transformers (Transformers: War For Cyberton) - This one gets additional points for mentioning Shia Lebouf the way they did.

Download their stuff at iTunes! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm in the mood to blow up a few people on COD:BO.


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