Melissa & Joey: Lighthearted Family Fun

When all the TV shows I was following ended at the beginning of summer, I scoured the net for interesting series that I can watch and saw an ad for an ABC Family sitcom returning for beach season. Initially, it caught my attention because it stars a grown up Sabrina (the Teenage Witch), and I grew up watching (and loving) that series. Then I saw Joey. And I was compelled to take a closer look.

Melissa & Joey and their dysfunctional family provides Wednesday night laughs *

In this family sitcom, the affable Melissa Joan Hart plays the role of a Toledo council woman slash temporary surrogate mother (oh god, I feel old) to her niece and nephew whose parents are indisposable for legal reasons. She's a busy woman, so she needs someone to take care of the house and the kids while she's away at work. In comes the adorable Joey Lawrence, who is incidentally in need of a temporary job and a place to stay after getting fired because of a snafu that involved Mel's sister and brother-in-law (the very same unavailable parents to the niece and nephew). He offers to become Mel's freelance live-in nanny and together, they become a dysfunctional pseudo-family.

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The Five Best Montages the WWE Has Ever Come Up With

So I was watching the Raw rerun last Saturday and they ran a montage for Dolph Ziggler right before his match with Randy Orton. It's not uncommon for the WWE to produce vignettes to push up-and-coming Superstars (they did one earlier this year for John Morrison), promote a Pay-Per-View event, hype up an intense rivalry, or as in most cases, pay tribute to a wrestler that had just passed away. And it got me thinking of the best montages the WWE has ever come up with, or at least the super cool ones that I can remember.

TNA does a pretty good job with their PPV intros but they really haven't been around long enough (nor possess the kind of money the WWE has which has allowed them to amass their ginormous video library) to warrant them getting at least one entry into this countdown. But if they last 5 more years and keep human highlight reels like AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Samoa Joe, and the rest of the X-Division guys under contract, sure, maybe we'll see them on lists like these by then.

But right now, here be The Five Best Montages the WWE Has Ever Come Up With (Or At Least the Super Cool Ones That I Can Remember):

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Fall TV: The Return of the Shows

It's fall season in the US again! I have absolutely no idea what that means, save for the fact that it's the time that a lot of TV shows come back from their respective hiatuses or season breaks. It's also the time when major US TV networks unveil their lineup of new shows. I'm going to talk about those I'm looking forward to in a future entry but for now, let's look at the returning shows this year that I'm following.

The Vampire Diaries (season 3 starts September 16)
Why am I still watching this?: The finale of season 2 left a ton of questions, and I need me some answers, dammit! What's going to happen to Tyler and Caroline? Will Damon and Elena finally hook up? What's up with Jeremy going all Haley Joel Osment all of a sudden? How far will Stefan go with vampwolf Klaus? I SIMPLY MUST KNOW!

Young Justice (season 1 resumes September 17)
Why am I still watching this?: Because it reminds me a lot of Justice League/Justice League Unlimited. It's probably my favorite animated series nowadays, along with the new Thundercats, Archer and Bob's Burgers.

How I Met Your Mother (season 7 starts September 20)
Why am I still watching this?: We all know that Barney will end up getting married someday, and this season, we will meet the future bride of The Legendary One. Since it has been said that Ted will meet the mother of his kids during this wedding... well, I'll let you guys do the math.

Glee (season 3 starts September 21)
Why am I still watching this?: Maybe I'm just a sucker for song and dance numbers, or maybe it's the promise of a more story-driven season. Whatever. Also Jane Lynch. And Heather Morris.

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This Week In Wrestling: Raw Vs. Smackdown, Sin Cara Vs. Sin Cara, Me Vs. My Jeans

This was a pretty huge week in wrestling. Acting COO Triple H not only announced that he'll be returning to the ring at Night of Champions to square off against CM Punk, but also said that Smackdown Superstars will be fixtures on Raw for the foreseeable future. This means that we'll get to see more cross-promotional matches, like that amazing Champion vs. Champion bout between Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler last Monday.

Think about it, pretty soon we might be seeing Ziggler go up against Cody Rhodes. Or CM Punk going one-on-one with Daniel Bryan. How's about Justin Gabriel vs. Evan Bourne, in a battle between the 450 Splash and the Shooting Star Press?

Tuesday's live Super Smackdown special also gave us a nifty match between Sin Cara and Daniel Brian. The masked luchador was victorious, and decimated Bryan with a kick to the head, post-match. Apparently, WWE creative is setting up a Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara program between the original (Mistico, who was suspended after Money In the Bank for violating the company's famed Wellness Policy) and the current donner of the mask (Hunico, who will be portrayed as an impostor). I'm actually looking forward to this. It harks back to that Taker Vs. Taker angle the WWE had in the mid-90s.

But the coolest thing about wrestling this week had something to do with Kevin Nash. I know, he's a bit rusty on the mic and he's looking a bit doughy these days, but when he first came down the ramp at the start of Monday's Raw, I damn near creamed my jeans. It's because he came out to an updated version of the NWO theme. Really, really cool.

It made me think about the weekends I spent in the late 90s watching WCW Nitro, when it was still showing at nights on the Cartoon Network/TNT, and how more than a decade later, I still spend an oddly significant amount of time during weekends watching greasy men in shiny briefs violently hug each other.


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