The Idiot Box presents: 2012 Fall TV shows (Part 1)

Fall season is here and like last year, I am back to force-feed you my opinions about upcoming and returning TV shows. Unlike the previous one I did though, I decided to write about the new ones first.

I don't know if there's a lean crop of good shows coming out this season or I've finally gotten tired of TV, but there doesn't seem to be that many upcoming series I'm interested in. Based on the trailers and/or PR pieces I've seen, they just aren't funny or compelling enough. That's saying a lot since I'm a guy that's fairly easy to please.

Now, on to my picks!

Go On (premieres September 11)
A comedy about a sportscaster who joins a support group after his wife dies.
How come?
Matthew Perry is in it. Also, the pilot for this one leaked a few weeks ago and it was pretty great.

Revolution (premieres September 17)
In a post-apocalyptic world where technology is dead, one family holds a secret that could change everything.
How come?
J.J. Abrams is involved in this thing, which means I am in for at least 3 episodes. Also, Jon Favreau directed the pilot.

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No Way Out 2012: Official Geekout Review

After the mess of a script that was May’s Over the Limit PPV, the WWE Universe moves on to the half-point of the year with a PPV that originally intended to celebrate the ignoble cage match, and the theme of confinement: the glorious No Way Out, brought back to life after a three-year absence and replacing last year’s Capitol Punishment (a one-off D.C.-themed show).

By the time it was removed from the PPV calendar, it had left us such fond memories of good shows, great matches, and defining moments (Eddie Guerrero’s WWE title win, anyone?) due to its spot in the middle of the Road to Wrestlemania. Upon its return, it still has that potential, but it’ll be tough to live up to its reputation because it’s currently not along the Road – it’s in that limbo after Wrestlemania, but right before the big summer angle gets into motion.

Will No Way Out stand out and kick the summer into gear, or will it be another forgettable blip on the calendar? Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Over the Limit 2012: Official GeekOut Review

It’s always tough to follow a good show. After the top-to-bottom runaway success of this year’s Extreme Rules event, all the momentum was on WWE’s side, eclipsing all the other promotions more than usual (even though there really isn’t much to talk about other than the WWE). With that success, though, came the requisite question: can they keep it up?

The RAW after Extreme Rules answered “yes” to that question in a huge way by immediately scheduling CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan (!) for the WWE Championship (!!!) at Over the Limit, this month’s PPV event. If you don’t know why that particular matchup is a big deal, you’ll have to read on later and/or go see it for yourself.

But the proverbial anchor that would’ve dragged it down was also set as John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis was announced for the show that same night. Cena, who cut an unscripted promo after the match with Brock Lesnar saying that he wanted to take some time off (to probably deal with his current divorce issue), wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and now he has to deal with the resident authority figure in a match that will clearly not be remembered for quality in-ring action.

Meanwhile, the rest of the stars who were usually in WWE/World title contention in recent memory have been shunted to feuding with World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus for his title in a fatal four-way match, which is notable and refreshing for the sole reason that the company has somewhat forgotten how to book a multi-man feud.

So did this event – with all the force of the Punk/Bryan hype behind it – deliver, or was it basically a one-match show? Let’s get to the results, shall we?

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Extreme Rules 2012: Official GeekOut Review

Wrestlemania 28 was a strange beast, as I reviewed earlier this month. A strange, controversial beast that, in its conclusion, ended a couple of its most interesting storylines and preserved some that weren’t as hot. In its wake, the company has tried to create new ones while continuing the others in the wake of a new WWE season, and that is what Extreme Rules has to work with.

There was really only one major storyline heavily promoted going into the show, and that is John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar. That particular feud’s company-imposed sense of enormity easily overshadowed most other goings-on up and down the card, and perhaps that understatement definitely helped those other match-ups exceed the low expectations with which they were undeservedly saddled, as we’ll see in just a moment.

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Wrestlemania 28: Official GeekOut Review

The 28th edition of Wrestlemania has come and gone, and boy, we can use one word to describe the entire show at face value: controversial.

I don’t exactly mean Montreal Screwjob-levels of controversy, although that would’ve been good for the show, but what has gone down has proven to be polarizing. After experiencing it, it seems as though you either love it or you don’t. Of course, you can always choose to sit in the middle, but Wrestlemania, as a creation of the WWE and its hype machine, naturally demands an extreme. In theory - the operative word – there is no room for the middle ground. In theory. But I’ll get back to this later before I lose you, because dammit, you clicked this to read a review!

Anyway, if you’ve seen the show already, or at least follow the results, you might have an idea why the show is so controversial. If not, you’ll see soon enough. Let’s begin!

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