“Doctor Who: Nightmare in Silver” Review

For the record, I really, really loved Gaiman’s first time writing Doctor Who, the sublime The Doctor’s Wife. It dives deep into the show’s 50-year old mythology and adds something to it and takes the Doctor’s relationship with the old sexy TARDIS into another level. That episode isn’t just the best of New Who, it’s one of the best episodes of the show, bar none. With that in mind I had really high expectations coming in to Nightmare in Silver.

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RAW Thoughts: This Is What You Must Believe In

There's an interesting moment that happened on this Monday's RAW which some viewers may have missed. After the match between the Shield and Kofi Kingston and the Usos, where the Shield is celebrating after Ambrose just spiked Kingston's face into the canvas like they were out of timeouts, Ambrose lets out a lingering look at the United States Championship on the referee's hands.

This moment doesn't last long; in fact, that look is only on camera for about three seconds, and the title is not in the frame. If your eye for detail needs a little more sharpening, you would have thought that that look didn't mean anything at all. Well, in wrestling, sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't; but knowing Dean Ambrose, who is an outstanding actor, it's a better bet to assume that that particular look does foreshadow his ambitions.

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RAW Thoughts: Feed Me A Lot More Of That Flavor

In the closing minutes of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark categorically sums up the events of the entire trilogy by making note of a particular pattern that had occurred to both himself and Aldrich Killian, one of the film’s antagonists. He describes it like this – and don’t worry, this spoils nothing – and I paraphrase: we start out with something new that is pure and exciting, but pretty soon we make mistakes. Those mistakes have consequences; some of which are minor, some of which are lasting. And those which last end up changing you as a person, whether for better or for worse.

The film also makes it clear that no matter what circumstances drove you to make those mistakes, they ultimately are the results of your own choices. Whatever changes you go through, good or bad, are still of your own volition. Most importantly, however, it is also made clear that any acts of penitence, of making up for those errors are still on you – they are still also your choices, they are never taken away from you; what may be lacking are just the opportunities to follow through on those decisions.

And it is that last important lesson Mick Foley had been trying to get through to Ryback at last Monday’s RAW. It wasn’t exactly phrased that way, but Foley’s search for the old, fearless Ryback implies that what the world is looking for is the Ryback who did good. Not well, but good.

From WWE.com

Quick recap, for those who aren’t caught up: Ryback turned on Cena two weeks ago because he had felt that Cena had taken him for granted every time the Shield came to ambush him. Ryback reasons that every time the Shield had come for Cena, he had always come to help him because he thought them friends, but when Ryback was the target, the champ was nowhere to be found. This seemed to have traumatized the big man, as he finally started to realize it may be true that nice guys finish last.

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WrestleMania XXIX: The Official GeekOut Running Diary

It’s early April once again, wrestling fans, and you know what that means: it’s time for WrestleMania! Of course, I don’t have to tell you that it is the biggest wrestling event in the world, the Super Bowl of Wrestling, the Showcase of the Immortals, and all that jazz. I hope you remember me as you join me today in my epic recapping of the show.

Questions will be answered. Will the Shield continue their reign of terror over their perceived injustice in the WWE? Will Alberto del Rio turn back the conservative, xenophobic wave of Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter? Will CM Punk be the one to end the legendary Streak? Will Brock Lesnar force Triple H to retire? Will John Cena redeem himself tonight? Will we walk away with even more questions?

This is going to be a long one, so why don’t we get started?


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Kidlat, New Pinoy TV Superhero

A Pinoy-made superhero is nothing new; we've had a bunch of iconic ones, all the way from Panday to Boy Ipis. But every now and again, there comes new superhero geekery from our shores and it looks awesome. If you go through local celebrities, and you pick the one guy who can actually look like a superhero, you'd probably end up with Derek Ramsay. He's got the classic superhero look - strong chin, charismatic gleam in his eye, six pack abs and a body that even Hercules would envy. What? I can't admire dudes' bodies?!

Anyway, TV5 put together a show called Kidlat, and of course they'd cast Derek. I haven't seen the show, nor do I know the story, so I can't comment on that yet. I wouldn't hold my breath, though, since it has to appeal to the most number of people locally so... yeah. However, the costume design is pretty goddamn cool.

Check it out. It kinda looks like Black Lightning mixed in with a little Static Shock and some Hancock in there.

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