Money in the Bank 2013: The Official Geek Out Running Diary

0:00: Okay, I finally have some time to sit in front of my laptop and begin watching the PPV. Hello, GeekOut readers, and welcome to the monthly PPV running diary consistently voted to be More Entertaining Than the Show Itself. Hopefully this wouldn’t have to be the case as this month, we’ve got Money in the Bank, and if anything, MITB never fails to be one of the more exciting shows in the WWE’s calendar. It’s been a show to look forward to since 2011 and the Summer of Punk 2.0 that began from that main event.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

0:44: The opening video shows the MITB briefcases being LOADED INTO AN ARMORED TRUCK. I get the metaphor to put the briefcases over, but take a moment to think about how silly that is. You’d think both briefcases each have a Tesseract inside.

2:09: Still want that Cena sleeveless hoodie.

2:59: But good touch on showing the armored truck arriving at the Wells Fargo arena and actually being inside the set (although the latter looks similar to the Ambulance match set-up back at Payback). Continuity touches are always nice, no matter what anyone else may tell you.

3:57: The World Heavyweight Championship MITB match is up first, and Fandango and Ambrose both get jobber entrances. Jobber entrances in a MITB match! What’s even more unusual is that your U.S. Champion got a jobber entrance!

5:04: Ah, of course. That happened because we had to make time for a Zeb Colter promo. I like hearing Uncle Zeb talk, but I’m not so sure this is really necessary here.

6:19: I’d like to see how the World Heavyweight Championship is going to help WEEEEEEEEEEEE THA PEEEEEEOPLE take back this country.

7:21: Here come Damien Sandow and Freddie Mercury, cutting their promos, only to be cut off by-

7:44: I need to say this again – the “God Save the Queen” drop at the beginning of Wade Barrett’s theme is really, really badass. If Barrett was only pushed properly, that drop would send chills up anyone’s spine.

8:30: This match’s first move is Fandango strutting his ass off in the middle of the ring, only to piss Barrett off. Okay, a little tangent here: I don’t care if you hate the Fandango gimmick, or even (mistakenly) think that Fandango can’t go (which he can), but you have to at least appreciate the enthusiasm he’s giving the entire thing. It’s very easy to get disheartened from working with a character that is an absolute embarrassment; a lot of WWE employees have quit over the years because their egos couldn’t handle that kind of pressure and negative heat. I’ve noticed, however, that the truly good workers are those who embrace whatever is handed them, whether that is good or bad. They don’t always overcome it, but they embrace it nonetheless, and that’s what makes them good – even if it doesn’t make them stand out.

Look at Eugene. Look at Santino. Look at Dolph Ziggler, who used to be Chavo Guerrero (as Kerwin White)’s caddy. Johnny Curtis has both the skills and the right attitude. All he needs is your patience and for Creative to back off a little.

9:01: Cody’s gold tights are only going to make me call him Freddie Mercury even more.

9:22: Swagger and Cesaro would make for a beastly tag team in the division. If only the current champs weren’t also heels and weren’t, well, pretty over.

10:00: Crowd’s been biting into the whole WEEE THA PEEEEEOPLE bit. What’s that say about Philly? Is that just them being their vocal selves, or what?

11:07: Barrett giving Ambrose some muay thai knees from under the ladder. That’s what I like about weapons matches – the truly creative can always come up with new ways to use weapons.

11:47: Over the top rope leg drop by Fandango to Barrett with a ladder in between… I don’t think that was very wise, but homeboy’s still up on his feet.

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WWE Payback: The Official Geek Out Running Diary

00:20: Okay, I’m sitting here in front of my laptop. It’s time for Payback, everyone. I’ve mentioned in my predictions that this card is pretty stacked for what it is, so I’m very much excited.


01:30: This whole concept of a fake gangster talking about Payback is a little too over-the-top and kitschy for my taste. Lot better if they did away with his character and just run a voice-over with the clips.

02:41: I mean, come on, Fake Don isn’t even half as compelling as Marlon Brando.

03:47: Starting off with the triple threat for the Intercontinental title. Good. No PPV should ever start with a World title match. This is acceptable.

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WWE Extreme Rules 2013: The Official GeekOut Running Diary

1:10: So this opening video montage is talking about lawlessness… but technically, there are rules. There’s still some method to the madness. Not exactly lawless now, is it? Not the best video montage, either, thanks to this silly logic.

3:58: We’re opening tonight’s show with Jericho vs. Fandango. Better to get it out of the way now, I suppose, but jerking the curtain imposes an obligation on these two to deliver in some form or fashion.

5:38: Summer Rae is almost like Kelly Kelly 2.0, but slightly better in the ring from what I’ve seen so far. That said I do like (looking at) Fandango’s original brunette partner better. Summer Rae’s face does not cut it for me.

6:39: And here’s 2013’s Entrance Theme of the Year!

8:16: I don’t care what you say or what you think of this guy, but that giant Taker-style Fandango symbol hanging above the ring is fucking boss. It’s perfect for a smug show-off douche like ‘Dango, and it makes you wonder why Dolph Ziggler doesn’t have one of those with the outline of his carbonara hair.

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"Doctor Who: The Name Of The Doctor" Review

I've had a little problem with Doctor Who's Series 7. Specifically Moffat's strict "no-two parter, no story arc" rule. Unlike Series 5 and 6, Series 7 feels a bit... unfocused. I come in watching and I end up wondering where the magic went.

There's no "what the hell are the cracks in the universe" or "how will the Doctor escape his death" central mystery. Sure, there's Clara, the impossible girl, who dies and shows up in another place and time with no memories of the Doctor and her adventures with him, or the central mystery of the Doctor's name, but these story arcs are not as explicitly stated as the previous series' mysteries.

Basically, there was no build up to "The Name of the Doctor" at all. And this worried me as I had no idea how the show will address Trenzalore, the Doctor's identity, the Clara problem, and the Great Intelligence in 45 minutes.

And then I watch it, and once again I realize I shouldn't be doubting Steven Moffat.

Spoilers from this point onwards!

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The Beauty of Good Things Unexpected: Arrow Season Finale Review

At its heart, Arrow's entire story involves a guessing game on multiple levels. Detective Lance and the rest of the Starling City Police Department, as well as Roy Harper, are still trying to guess at who the Vigilante really is, for different reasons. Up until last week's episode (“Darkness On the Edge of Town”) Oliver and the rest of the good guys were still trying to guess who was behind the Undertaking. Laurel's trying to guess at whatever it is Oliver's hiding from her. Everyone has questions, but the best they've got are guesses.

But for the season finale, almost all of the crucial guesswork has been addressed – Oliver and Malcolm Merlyn now know each other's secret identities, and Oliver now knows that Malcolm is behind the undertaking and his mother Moira had a hand in it – and what's more, the guessing game had been foisted on the audience: it was revealed, heading into the episode, that a major character was going to be killed off.

So you can imagine what I was trying to do for the entire 42 minutes of the episode. I'd been paying close attention to who does what and who goes where, making a note of all the dangerous situations that could be gotten into. It was not easy, because the writers did a brilliant job of creating distractions, by providing two actual near-death experiences: Oliver and Diggle go after Malcolm, and the Undertaking was pushed up, creating a huge earthquake in the Glades sooner than our heroes expected.

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