Night of Champions 2013: The Official Geek Out Running Diary

0:00: Hello, fellow wrestling fans – it’s another Monday in the middle of the month, and that means it’s time for an edition of the Official Geek Out PPV Running Diary! September is, since 2010, the month where we put every title on the line at Night of Champions (like we didn’t do that as recently as Extreme Rules this year) and, ironically, this might be the year that rule is broken as it seems like the Intercontinental Championship is not on the line despite the fact that the champion will be in action. We’ll see.

I couldn’t stay that much out of spoilers’ way this time around, thanks very much to social media, but I think I never really could – I know I said my SummerSlam diary was spoiler-free, but the truth is I had accidentally seen something that gave away what happened at the end. All it takes is a hint, no matter how big or small, for me to deduce things, so what I do nowadays is to ask people not to spoil spots no matter what. I’d still be cool with spoiling results, but I’d still try to avoid them as much as possible.

All right, that’s enough pre-show rambling. I’m hitting play now. Let’s begin!

0:44: As always, this is a great video package. Good job trying to put this non-major PPV over, and especially throwing Eddie in there. Have I mentioned that Adam the Video Guy needs a raise every month?

3:55: We begin the show with a Triple H segment. The next few minutes will tell if this is a good idea.

4:58: Hunter’s heeling it up. My buddy Stan is right – I haven’t wanted to see heel Triple H go down in a long while until the emergence of Corporate H. It’s been a long while since Hunter has become as truly detestable as he was in the early 2000s.

6:35: He promises no interference in tonight’s main event. I think I know what that means: no one else can come in except me.

7:02: In an odd twist to his character, he reverts back to his D-X self as he hypes the crowd for the show. Wait… where are we today? Has no one mentioned which arena we’re in?

7:12: The other Paul comes in to interrupt, for some reason. Guy’s got a five o’ clock shadow, looking like Paul Hobo instead of Paul Heyman. Jokes aside, though, I like the new “psychotic father figure” character he’s transitioned into. He’s really playing it up – looking weary, talking dejectedly, just straight up looking off. That’s deep, man.

10:05: And like the genius that he is, Heyman puts over Punk immensely as one of the company’s top athletes, selling how scared he is of him.

10:44: That said, though, should this segment really be on now, and in the ring?

11:48: Are we really impliedly making Curtis Axel look weak here? Does the Intercontinental Champion really need this?

12:29: Axel takes the mic now. Why are you questioning Hunter? He just put you over by saying he believed Axel can take Punk on. Axel then wonders out loud if Hunter is making this personal because Axel beat him once upon a time.

13:49: Ah, here we go. We’re in Detroit.

13:58: Hunter is making an impromptu Intercontinental title defense. There we go. There’s the rub. It took a long while, but we finally got there. Looks like all titles will be on the line after all.

15:15: Aaaaaand we get Kofi! Not a bad choice, and I was really expecting worse – I was expecting Miz to come out here and lock on the Figure Four out of nowhere again.

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PXC 39

Hey fight fans! PXC 39 is happening this Saturday, September 14, 2013, 8PM at the Ynares Center!

The main event will be Jang Yong Kim VS Mark "Mugen" Striegl. It'll be off the hook. If you've never seen The Beast in action, check this video out. You can start from the 3 minute mark. It picks up from there.

If you can't catch it live, then you can watch the delayed telecast the next day September 15 ,2013 on AKSYON TV. Check this link out for deets.

Also, do you see that guy in the middle that kind of looks like Vice Ganda? Man, can't wait to see him fight.


Breaking Bad Feels

WARNING: May contain spoilers

Breaking Bad season 5 episode 13 “To’hajiilee” was definitely one of the best episodes ever! Words are seriously not enough to describe what I’ve felt while watching it.

To be honest, I was so scared to watch it because I didn’t want Hank, Gomez and Jesse to outsmart Walt; I didn’t want Walt to be captured (I really am not sorry for saying thisI have no moral compass in my relationship with this show whatsoever) and I didn’t want Jesse to die. I kept on pausing it and repeatedly said “I’m so scared” and do some stuff in between just to have the heart (for it stopped beating every once in a while) again to click play. Not to mention the dozen curses and OMGs I let out while clutching my chest, it was thrillingly tormenting.

I started hyperventilating (and no, I haven’t had coffee for three days now) upon seeing that fake photo of Walt’s money in a barrel that Jesse’s sent. Of course everybody knew the phone’s for GPS (except apparently for Walt who realized it a little too late), and so yeah, the trio found out where his money is. I was losing hope about Walt until he called Jack and gave him the coordinates of the desert. But who knew how far Jack and his gang are from the place, right? The trio could have immediately gone away after taking Walt to the car but alas! Hank still had his prideful cop what-nots said to Walt and his phone call to Marie, which honestly was pretty sad because I knew Hank was going to die and that was his last conversation with his wife (at least I thought I knew, alright? He might live, he might die, but I’m counting on the latter). Don’t get me wrong, I loved Hank and Marie but I love Walt morethe genius, badass motherfucker he is. And so the gang arrived there just in time. YES.

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SummerSlam 2013: The Official Geek Out Running Diary

0:00: Okay, after a day of having no power due to the huge-ass storm, I finally am able to sit in front of my laptop in order to watch SummerSlam. No power means no internet, so that means for the first time in a long, long, long time, I am going to watch a PPV with zero knowledge of what happens in it.

I usually know what happens going into these running diaries because of the time difference and the fact that our local cable channels no longer simulcast PPVs for free (you've fallen way off, Solar) mean everything is spoiled for me on the Internet, on all forms of social media. But nope, not this time - I've largely exiled myself from my usual spots if it means not being spoiled. This is gonna make for an interesting running diary.

Let's get started, shall we?

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Geek Out Roundtable: The 10 Best Finishers in the WWE (Right Now)

There are two things in a pro wrestling match that people usually look forward to seeing - a wrestler’s entrance and the finish of a match. The entrance is obvious, simple, and self-explanatory: when the first note of a wrestler’s theme hits, you know that he is here, that he has arrived; and whatever reaction follows is a product of the collective effort put in by the wrestler himself, the booker and the writers, and to a smaller extent, the fans as well. That means you’re either happy or really sad and annoyed he’s here.

The finish, however, is a little more complicated. When I say finish, I’m talking about the last minute; the last few moments of a match leading up to the bell ringing and the “official” result of a match. Usually integral to that final sequence is a wrestler’s finisher, the move in a wrestler’s arsenal that generally serves  as a plot device - the climax of a match’s story, more often than not. What happens after the finisher gets hit or locked in - whether or not the opponent stays down or taps out - is the resolution.

Here’s the thing, though: not every finisher is created equal. There are some finishers that are more devastating than others, just by how they look. There are some finishers that are more complicated than others, but that doesn’t necessarily make them better than the simple ones. In any discussion, a wrestler’s initial impact on a fan is often judged by how good his finisher is - because that will be his calling card, because it will be the moment fans remember the most. If he cannot stand out with his finish, or at least make the fans go “daaaamn” or wince in pain for the poor guy on the business end of the move, he will most likely be forgettable. It can be broken through (and it’s been done before, but we’ll get to that later) but for the most part, it will be a demerit.

Today, we’ll be talking about the 10 best finishers in the WWE right now. I say “we” because I am joined by fellow members of the Geek Out community, as this idea really sprouted from a fun little Twitter conversation we had on which finishers we did and didn’t like. You may have noticed that Geek Out isn’t just stocked with comic book, video game, toy, and movie geeks - wrestling fans have a place here, too (or else I wouldn’t be here).

So hello, gentlemen, why don’t you introduce yourselves before we get started?

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