Ten Kick Ass Sidekicks

According to the ultimate book of all human-based knowledge, also known as Google, a sidekick is another person’s assistant, who is normally inferior.

Dear Google, you disappoint me. I must strongly disagree. Sidekicks are not inferior; they are merely good at other things - things that the main characters normally suck at, like being a convenient plot device or hapless victim.

Now that we know what a sidekick is (well, kinda), let’s list down 10 AWESOME ones!

Mario’s Luigi
While, technically, Luigi was never designed to be Mario’s sidekick, he has evolved to be the greatest second stringer of all time. Luigi really is just a green Mario, except that the first ever solo game he’s ever had sucked hard. More often than not, Luigi is only playable when Mario is, too, and they need a different colored second player. Still, in the world of sidekicks, you can’t find one more recognizable than a dude who looks exactly like the guy he’s playing second fiddle to.

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Zombify Your Face in Ten Easy Steps

Not only do you need to dress up for Halloween parties, but you should also give your online presence a nice creepy vibe. And the best way to do so is to zombiefy yourself via image manipulation and post it on Facebook or Twitter. Here is how I did mine:

Step 1:

Take a picture of your face wearing an angry or a deformed grin. A bland expression works just as well. I took mine using a good old 2-megapixel camera phone and worked with good old Photoshop CS.

A constipated smile would suffice.

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Easy Halloween Costumes

If you're the type of person to want to go as something during Halloween but never really has the patience, the drive or the time to put something special together, then you're a lot like us. Well, most of us, at least. Putting a costume together isn't an easy thing, really. First, you have to conceptualize. Do you wanna go out as a comic book character? A TV personality perhaps? Maybe a historically inaccurate figure like a ninja? Once you've decided, then actual work comes into play. Depending on the complexity of your chosen costume, the time requirements and difficulty vary. The most complex your costume, the more work you gotta put into it. You'll be running from one store to another, acquiring pieces and parts. You may even have to do a little sewing. Who's got time for that?

Now, to help you out with all that, us nerds put our noggins together and we came up with ideas for the busy Halloween party goer.

Gino says:

Dress up as a serial killer by putting on a black jacket and holding up a pair of scissors.

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A Grown Man Recaps “Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival”

The Mouse House recently commissioned Mickey and some of his pals to stop by Manila and Cebu City for their "Disney Live! Mickey's Music Fest" Tour, and I, a grown man nearing his 30s, was at one of the shows. Don't ask.

Not surprisingly, kids comprised almost half the crowd for their 3 PM show last Sunday, October 9. The Smart Araneta Coliseum was less coliseum-y, and more auditorium-y, as half the arena was sealed off while a stage was set up right at the Big Dome's core. A huge screen provided animated backdrops which accompanied the show's musical numbers, and there was a reasonable amount of flimsy set pieces that I didn't expect from a company like Disney, quite frankly.

Anyway, the show kicks off with the aforementioned screen giving the crowd a glimpse of the goings-on backstage, from the perspective of one of the showrunners as he frantically searches for his stars. He sees Minnie biding her time while she was being made up, Donald with his head stuck in a container of some sort, and Goofy lying in a mess of garments in his dressing room. But where's Mickey? There's no time to wait; the show must begin!

A countdown ensues and as soon as it hits zero, the three characters storm the stage with some backup dancers, much to the delight of the crowd. Minnie was as cute as a button, Donald and his clumsy walk was a delight, and Goofy, well, Goofy looked like a royal dick like he always does. I don’t care much for Goofy.

But again, where's Mickey? The stage slightly dims as the screen shows "live" footage of a character on a motorcycle, apparently making his way to the arena. The video was dark but you could slightly make out this character's giant, round head, which had two other giant, round things above it. The children all shout "It's Mickey!" No shit, children. He revs his motor and drives off into the distance.

Two seconds later, there’s a big-ass explosion, Mickey's prancing about onstage (leather jacket and low-rise jeans and all), and the ensemble busts out an original song called "Rock the Mouse," an 80's hip-hop style number that's just as bad as you're imagining it to be. They even managed to sample the musical atrocity that is The Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow” in there.

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Geekery and Fashion?

Do geekery and socialite fashion blend well together? Sure there are geeky shirts, but a combination of, like, normal people fashion and geeky shit, would that work? Take a store like Folded and Hung, which isn't exactly known to be the great clothing store for us nerds. We normally shop at SM department store. But a good friend of mine alerted me to this whole thing they were having with Marvel Comics.

I literally had to ask the the girlfriend what kind of clothing store Folded and Hung was because I had no idea it even existed. Clothing stores, I generally tend to classify them by pretentiousness and ridiculous pricing. Like, a store like Bench gets a low pretentiousness score and a low ridiculous pricing store, thus making it a place I would actually shop at. A place like David and Goliath gets about a medium score for both. I had no idea where Folded and Hung fell.

It's not that I don't like them or I have something against them, it's just that I'm not the right market. I spend money on shit like comic books and action figures. I'd sooner wear a raggy shirt to work, if it means being able to afford another MU set or a video game. I literally have four pairs of pants that go on rotation at any given week, and since it's been proven BY SCIENCE that bacteria doesn't grow on jeans, I have my pants washed a total of maybe 12 times a year.

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