Christmas Gift Guide for Geeks 2011

This is probably going to be the first article here on aimed towards a broader audience. This article isn't supposed to be read and digested by the nerdy; it's actually for those regular, normal people who have geeks in their lives and are having a hard time shopping for Christmas gifts. Do you know what to get that special geeky someone in your life? No? Read on.

You'd think that since most geeks obsess over specific things, such as toys, video games, movies, electronics, music or whatever expensive shit they can get their hands on, they'd be very easy to get gifts for, but you'd be dead wrong.  Take, for example, action figures - there are hundreds of toy lines, dozens of waves and probably thousands of individual figures. Add that to the fact that you wouldn't know what your giftee already has, unless you keep an inventory. As a toy collector, I can confidently say that getting figures from a line you don't collect can be pretty annoying.

To help out, our little team put their brains together and made a short list of cool shit you can get if you want to give a kick ass gift for that special nerdy someone.

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Cyclops Syndrome

A couple days ago, I made a quick survey about who their favorite Ninja Turtle was over on my Twitter, Plurk and Facebook. Unsurprisingly enough, Leonardo was the last to be picked. In fact, had I not goaded people into picking him, no one would have. Those who did pick him said he was their favorite because of his blue bandana.

That got me curious so I asked why no one liked him. The most common reasons were "he's too vanilla" and "he's such a boyscout." These are pretty much the same things people say about Cyclops. So, what gives? Why are team leaders immediately branded as that?

What other characters are seen like that? What makes them that way in the first place? Let's take a look, shall we?

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An Overview of Nightfall: Martial Law

I recently acquired a copy of Nightfall: Martial Law created by AEG after having spent a couple of months researching for a new deck building card game I could play with my regular board game group. The 'Nightfall' series is a fairly popular franchise in the gaming community set in a world where vampires, zombies, werewolves and the human "hunters" duke it out to control what's left of civilization. And before you get illusions of  "vampires" and "werewolves" of either being sparkly-clean or abs-endowed, nope this isn't Twilight. 

Nightfall: Martial Law is a standalone expansion set to the original Nightfall core set. The beauty of this release is that it can either be played with the core set and its expansions as well as be played as a standalone game. As I was having a hard time finding a local copy of the core set, I really had to do some searching. It so happened that Neutral Grounds had one copy of the Martial Law expansion which I reserved and then acquired for PHP 1,800.00. The game can be ordered online for roughly USD $35.00 or thereabouts so the local pricing was actually quite attractive since I would have had to pay for shipping and handling with Amazon.

Deck Building Explained

A "deck builder" is essentially a sub-genre of collectible card games where players usually start off with crap-worthy cards which then lead them on to acquire more powerful ones as the game progresses. Hence towards the end of the game, players will continuously reshuffle their cards while acquiring new ones in order to make their **decks** .. bigger. (Yeah, I know. Pun intended.)

Unlike popular collectible card games (CCG's) like Magic: The Gathering and L5R , deck builders are usually standalone -- everything that you need to play is comes in the box and all players start off on equal footing. Game creators usually release a number of expansions adding more gameplay mechanics. But yes, as someone in his 30's who is well over with spending too much money on Magic, deck building becomes Pretty attractive. As of late, the Nightfall franchise easily occupies one of the top slots for best implementation of the deck building genre with Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer and the ever popular Dominion completing the "holy trinity" of deck building. 

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Geek Out Face Off: Combatron VS Rockman

I think we've planned on making Geek Out Face Offs before but never really got around to doing it. Back in the old Comicology days, we did Hawkeye VS Green Arrow, Iron Man VS Batman and... uh... we may have stopped that list there. Okay, so we dropped the ball. Time to pick it back up with GeekOut. Let's kick it off right with a match-up I've been day dreaming of since I was a little kid.

Combatron VS The Blue Bomber, Rockman (or Megaman for you North Americans)! We'll go over different aspects of the characters' mythos and see who comes out on top. Weigh in on the comments, too, if you've got something to say.

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