Round 2 Results

Round 2 came and went, and this time around, we saw very few votes. Maybe it's because it was a weekend and maybe because there was a problem with the polling system. For some reason, it seems like the polls would say you had already voted when, in fact, you hadn't. I would appreciate it if any of those who experienced that problem would lemme know through the comments so I can fix it. So far, it happened with us only when using the Dolphin browser on mobile devices. Lemme know if this is the case.

For this round of fights, we garnered a total of 138 votes. Remind me to never hold this thing on a weekend again please.

Match 5: The Minions outcute Yotsuba Koiwai

This was a cut and dry match from the get go. The minions took an early lead and just ran with it winning with 23 votes against Yotsuba's 8.

Match 6: Jake the Dog wins a close match against Tails

Votes for both competitors never really got away from each other, but Jake stretches his way to victory with 18 votes, over Tails' 16.

Match 7: Ace defeats another sexually ambiguous character, Arya

Even though Arya took a large early lead, this campaign quickly earned Ace of the Ambiguously Gay Duo a spot in the next round. Ace ends up with 19, Arya gets 16.

Match 8: Thor just decimates Maverick

If you think about it, Thor going up against Maverick would really end up this way pretty much, even if Maverick can absorb kinetic energy. Thor got a whopping 33 votes and Maverick gets a miniscule 5.

Elimination Round 3 should begin sometime next Tuesday. Stay tuned!

Face Off Elimination Round 2

Round 1 was fairly successful by our understandably low standards, but c'mon, folks. We can do a little better than 339 votes. Oh, and since I noticed that most of the votes went to the very first poll above the fold, it's fairly obvious that when you ask people to vote, they don't bother scrolling down.

If you're new here, scroll down. There are three more polls down there somewhere. Please vote for who you think is more deserving of Paper Toss shirts! But again, remember, you only get 1 vote per poll. You can go to multiple computers and vote or you can delete your cookies, but again, being a dick and cheating at game like this is bad form and no fun. You and your friends can vote until 10PM, Sunday night, June 3, 2012.

And with that, let us commence! Without further ado, let the second elimination round begin!

Match 5: Yotsuba Koiwai VS Minions

Cute anime girl against multiple genetically manipulated minions of evil! What this poll boils down to is what kind of human being you really are.

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Round 1 Results

The votes are in for the first round and we have our first batch of eliminations. Votes were cast over a two day period, and we garnered a total of 339 votes. Hey, for a contest for a couple shirts, done by a geek behind a computer fantasizing about a fictional character battle royale, getting 339 votes isn't bad.

Match 1: Kapibara-san defeats The Mask through sheer cuteness

After enjoying an early lead, The Mask pathetically lost to a giant rodent. Final score is 46-63, in favor of cuteness.

Match 2: Sherlock Holmes destroys Dilbert

This was pretty cut and dry from the start. I guess people don't like Dilbert so much because his comic strips reminds people with corporate jobs too much of the shit they have to deal with every waking moment in a place where hope goes to die. Dilbert got 25 and and Sherlock got 45, which is still kind of sad because he got less than the loser of the first match.

Match 3: Sagara Sousuke beat Spider-Man and the Anti-Monitor with a come-from-behind victory

For the most part, Spider-Man had a fairly generous lead until Sagara Sousuke's vote count exploded and Spidey never caught up. Anti-Monitor was largely ignored. Sagara got 45 to Spidey's 34 and Anti-Monitor's 17.

Match 4: Aquaman stops Dr. Doom in a very close match

These two kept exchanging leads and for a long time, shared equal votes. A strong campaign (WITH VIDEOS!) edged Doom out by a margin of 5 votes. Aquaman got 37, Doom had 32.

Round 2 coming up shortly!


Face Off Elimination Round 1

Okay, let's kick this off with four matches right off the bat! Instead of going through one match per post, it might be more interesting and more efficient to see four matches ongoing. Just use your... imaginaaaaaaation! Polling starts now and ends around 10PM Thursday night, May 31, 2012. Each IP address can only vote once. You can choose to delete your cookies, and you might be able to vote again but really, are you that much of a dick to cheat at a game like this? Didn't think so.

And with that, LET THE GAMES... BEGIN!

Match 1: The Mask VS Kapibara San

Not only is The Mask invulnerable, he's also got weird shape shifting powers.

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Kapibara-san looks to outcute The Mask, though.

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Face Off Tourney Match-Ups

The entries are in, the die is cast. Here are your match-ups for Geek Out Face Off Tournament 2012!

In the interest of transparency, let me tell you how we came up with the order of combatants and how I picked who would be in a Triple Threat match. First off, I listed down all the names of the contestants along with their chosen combatant character in an Excel sheet. I took that list and put them in to get a random order of said list. The first one would battle the second one, until all 26 combatants have an opponent. Unfortunately, there being 26 fighters, we'd get 13 matches, instead of the 12 we needed for the tournament. To remedy that, I had to make two Triple Threat matches to distribute one pair of combatants to make for 12 matches. I went back to and chose a random number between 1 and 26. The numbers 5 and 26 came out. I tried it and the matches came together.

Now let's see who's fighting who.

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