Face off Elimination Round 4

Here we go with the second batch of eliminations! The first batch was pretty fun, but I'm hoping to

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make the succeeding rounds a bit better. I think each round takes a little too long, eh? Well, can't go back on that now. If I don't devote two days to each round from here on out, the other matches would feel a little ripped off. Well, I'll think of something. For now, let's kick off Round 4!

You can only vote once per match so get your friends to vote for your character, too. The more votes we get, the happier everyone is. Let's remember what's at stake here, folks - Paper Toss Avengers inspired shirts! Voting ends June 21, 2012 at around 6PM (EDIT: 6PM according to the widget, which, apparently, I have no control over). Winners to be announced the same night, hopefully.

Match 13: Kapibara-San VS Sherlock Holmes

Giant rodent against the greatest detective. Yeah, it doesn't really get any weirder than that.

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Geek Mecca, TOYCON 2012

For 11 years now, TOYCON has dominated Philippine geek conventions and it shows no signs of slowing down; it just keeps getting bigger and better. During this time of year, it truly becomes the happiest place on the planet for people like myself; a veritable Christmas for nerds. And despite its name, TOYCON has become the convention for all things geek in the country. What started out as a relatively small event for toy retailers and collectors, has now become a mecca for all kinds of geekery - comics, movies, video games, anime, cosplay, and other pop culture niches. Mainstream media and corporations have taken notice, and this year, we see telco giant, Smart, as one of main sponsors.

I can't recall if last year's TOYCON rented out all three Megatrade halls but I'm glad they did this year. The density of people wasn't so bad because there was enough space for everyone. The exhibits, the stage and merchandisers were segmented properly so you can avoid the more congested areas if you're not looking to buy.

Every year, you can find great deals if you manage to get there early enough. Out of my three targets, I was only able to pick up one, but it was at a very good price so I'm happy.

Took all the strength I had not to splurge a little more, as there were a few items I really wanted to get my hands on.

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Round 3 Results

Sorry for the delay, folks. No worries, though, we'll try to get everything up and running again in no time.

The votes are in and we have our winners. This round also marks the end of the first set of eliminations, and we're about to open up to the second, which should prove to be more exciting. Also, this last round was actually pretty interesting. There were characters that I thought would blow through the competition, but were outclassed. Guess they weren't that popular after all.

We got a total of 287 votes, which was pretty cool, but we can do better!

Round 9: Tyrion Lannister very narrowly defeats Squirrel Girl

The impossible has happened! Someone actually beat Squirrel Girl. Sure, it was by a very margin, but she lost all the same. Tyrion Lannister racked up 41 votes to Squirrel Girl's 33.

Round 10: The One Above All outgods Franklin Richards

Well, that was surprising. The literal god demolishes the pseudo-god. TOAA got a whopping 59 votes compared to Franklin's 42.

Round 11: Sterling Archer somehow defeated Gundam Wing

If it sounds ridiculous, it probably really is. But I guess a vote for animated tits can go a long way. If each vote for Archer is a vote for animated boobs, then animated boobs got 32, while Gundam Wing only acquired 25.

Round 12: Cyclops optic blasts his way past Mew and Motoko Kusanagi

With the most pathetic vote count of 4 and a puny 21 votes, Motoko Kusanagi and Mew weren't able to beat Cyke who got 30 votes.

The second set start in a couple days! Stay tuned, we've got interesting fights!



toycon 2012

It's June once again, and that can only mean one thing: TOYCON!!!

This year's TOYCON boasts of a huge dealer's floor of approximately 180 merchant stalls that would sell toys and other related merchandise. There will also be exhibits of toy collections, including a GI Joe diorama by TS 118. There'll be other activities such as cosplay and contests where prizes will be given.You can click HERE for more information on these. 

TOYCON has once again partnered with DC Comics as Warner Brothers launches The Dark Knight Rises with an  exhibit of original movie props, costumes, as well as Dark Knight-related merchandise such as toys and apparel.

In a manner reminiscent of Inception (an event within an event), TOYCON will also serve as host for gaming event AMPED FEST 2012. ABS CBN Multimedia Inc, will launch it's new roster of games; an Anroid app and a JAVA gaming portal. 

Seattle-Based toy designer Arron Martin will grace this year's convention and will exhibit some of his panda art. Friends from Komikon  will bring in local comic book artists such as Huebert Khan Micheal, Lui Antonio, Gilbert Monsanto; as well as Lyndon Gregorio, Ariel Atiena, Lei Muncal, and Jon & Sherry Zamar. This artist panel will be on hand to sign comics and do sketches, and showcase samples of indie and mainstream titles.

The 11th Philippine TOYCON will  be from June 15-17 at the Megatrade Halls of SM Megamall.  Gates open at 10 AM. Tickets are priced at Php 100 and will be available at the venue and online at SM Tickets. 


Face Off Elimination Round 3

Round 3 took a while to put up, folks. Sorry about that. But hey, as promised, we're here for a fictional character brawl, and this is what we're getting! A few rule reminders before we get down and dirty. You can vote once per poll. You can choose to vote using multiple devices, but please don't cheat.

When you ask other people to vote for your character, please encourage them to vote for the other polls, too. The more votes we get, the less pathetic this contest will seem to get. You and your friends can vote until Saturday night, June 9, 2012, at around 10 PM. Unfortunately, I don't think we can announce the winners officially until Sunday or Monday, though. But we'll try to make sure votes stop at that time.

If you have any trouble voting, please let us know immediately. Okay. LET'S GET IT ON!

Match 9: Tyrion Lannister VS Squirrel Girl

For those who don't know who Squirrel Girl is, you might want to look her up on Google. Try using "Squirrel Girl beats Dr. Doom" as your keyword. Let's see if Tyrion's silver tongue can get him out of this one.

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