Christmas Gift Guide for Geeks 2012

Giving Christmas gifts for a special friend who obsesses about a special interest isn't as easy as you might think. If you're thinking of getting a toy collector a toy, unless you know his wishlist and where to get said toys, you'd be hard pressed to find something with which to surprise him. Same goes for practically every other geekery you can imagine. Unless you share the same passion, you wouldn't exactly know what to get a geek to keep him happy.

To help all you out, we decided to put together a geek wishlist, like we did last year. Our list consists of wishlists from some of our editors and contributors who know exactly what they'd like to get if they were in the shoes of your special geeky friend.

So, with that said, let's all celebrate the commercialism this once-Pagan holiday openly promotes with our Christmas Gift Guide for Geeks 2012!

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2012 GeekOut Face Off Battle Royale

Here it is! This moment has been delayed enough. It is now time to determine who is crowned the 2012 GeekOut Face Off Tournament CHAMPION!

Before we get to the poll, here are a few reminders. During the 5th round, we got a few complaints about how the poll doesn't start and end on the time we pegged it at. This is because the polling widget I use references some other time zone. I have no clue how to fix it. It doesn't use the local time I set for GeekOut, which the scheduled articles use to publish themselves. It doesn't also follow the local time of the computer setting it. So, to remedy this, I have set the voting to 1 week from now. What time it stops, I have no clue, but it should end around Friday morning or Saturday night next week.

Keep your eyes on the prize, contestants!

CHAMPION: Two Paper Toss shirts (I just hope they fit you) and P1000 GC from Toy Kingdom! Yes, that's a new prize! I don't know where to get the budget for it yet, but I'm sure I can figure it out somehow.

CONSOLATION PRIZE: Here's a new twist. Vote and leave a comment, explaining your vote. Why do you think the character you voted for should win the tournament? The best answer picked by the authors and editors will win P500 GC from Toy Kingdom!

Let's get it on!

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Round 4 and 5 Results

You remember these, don't you? Round 5 ended, like, July, but I've only been able to put up the

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results formally today - four months later. Putting together the images and the polls takes quite a bit of time and effort. Not that it isn't fun, I just really couldn't find time to dedicate. Don't worry, though, we'll finish the 2012 GeekOut Face Off Tournament before the year ends. And to reach that end, instead of having semi-finals and the final round, I decided maybe it'd be better to just have the final 6 contestants duke it out in a BATTLE ROYALE!

Here are your FINAL 6!

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Our Zombie Apocalypse Teams


Halloween has come and passed, and some of us might actually be disappointed that the zombie apocalypse has yet to come to pass. Well, there's always next year. For now, though, to keep some of us sated of our zombie apocalypse craving, we thought it'd be fun to play a little game and put together the ideal team of (fictional) people we'd prefer to run with in case a zombie apocalypse happens.

Nothing really prepares you more for this than a solid crew, even if they are all imaginary. Image from here.

The rules of our little game are pretty simple. Simply put together a team with one character from comics, one from TV, one from movies, one from cartoons/anime, one from video games and one from any form of fiction you pick. We totally encourage you guys to join in by putting together your team in our comments section.

Here we go.

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6th Annual Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale!


Yup, it's 4th quarter and Toy Kingdom is sweeping up it's warehouse, cleaning out all the old junk that's been lying around in corners, gathering dust. According to the SM Megatrade Hall's website, the annual Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale is scheduled to take place on November 2-4 of this year in Halls 1 & 2!

Whoo hoo!

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