The Making of Zombies And Your Favorite Superhero

Oftentimes, people ask me what the correct origin of zombies is and I never indulge them because the question annoys me to no end. Don’t get me wrong, I get that zombies are cool now. The ubiquity of zombies has led to writers of all mediums trying to deconstruct the zombie apocalypse scenario. As a result, we now have zombies of all shapes, sizes, and athletic capabilities in our video games, movies, books, TV shows, and comics, that what used to be an obsession of a select few has lately garnered a rabid fanbase of unknowing, faddist … corpses. 

And I don’t want that. Heck, I want to have people to talk to long after the zombie craze has died down and being a geek is uncool again. To start things off, here’s the answer to that annoying question. 

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Lindsey Stirling Live in Manila

Might seem weird promoting the live performances of a big YouTube sensation in Manila here on GeekOut!, but there's a good reason for it. Not only is Lindsey Stirling CRAZY talented, she also plays a lot of geeky music. I actually first heard of her because of her rendition of Skyrim's theme, which I thought was pretty bad ass.

I'm not sure if she's taking Peter Hollens with her, though; that's the guy who sang the Skyrim song. Lindsey Stirling also has a song about Assassin's Creed III and Legend of Zelda. The accompanying videos are also well worth the quick click. If she plays any of those songs during her shows here, that'd be fantastic!

If you don't know who she is, then best check these videos out.

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San Diego Comic Con 2013 Reaction Thread

Every year, geeks from around the world gather at San Diego for the geek mecca known as the SDCC. And that time is upon us once again. We are going to be bombarded with news pipe bombs, trailers, toy previews, new comic book storylines, movie plans, exclusive merchandise that become ridiculously overpriced in the aftermarket and a hell of a lot more! There's normally just so much info coming in from the convention that it's hard to contain our excitement!

So, for the next few days, GeekOut authors and contributors, are going to geek out and discuss stuff in this thread. While news sites are busy giving us news, we're going to be busy geeking out. If you wanna add your two cents, you can shout out on the comments below or register and be a GeekOut author. Awesome? Awesome.

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Geek Out at ToyCon 2013

ToyCon is like mid-year Christmas for geeks in the Philippines, and it is happening right now, June 14 to 16, 2013! You, being a reader of this humble blog, are very likely the type of person who would want to go to ToyCon and wish for it to never end. I'm sure you guys don't need convincing, but just in case, here are few good reasons to go.

Picture somewhat unrelated, but I know this will make YOU click on the post.

I go to ToyCon mostly to gawk at things I can never really afford, like the SSV Normandy replica and the awesome busts and statues but what I love the most is that it truly is a gathering of like-minded people. Try listening in on conversations around you. You'll hear people talking about what they love with a passion of a thousand burning suns. Earlier today, two gents were discussing which Captain America story arc would be the most likely candidate for Captain America 3 if ever that gets made. And they were throwing ideas around like crazy. Keep your ears open, you'll hear a lot of interesting things.

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Slam Poetry: Billy Gram and a Different Kind of Hip-Hop

What do hip-hop music and pro wrestling have in common?

Is it the crazy personalities present in both? Is it the bravado, the braggadocio, the swagger that comes with the territory, with each character? Is it the beat and rhythm and time each must follow? Is it the storytelling inherently possible in both mediums?

No matter how far their similarities run, one thing remains true: they’ve never been married perfectly. They might be co-dependent on each other – especially wrestling as music is one of its important elements – but they’ve never really been completely synthesized into a flawless combination.

Not until now, though.

California rapper Billy Gram (most probably named after wrestling legend “Superstar” Billy Graham and not the American televangelist) is about to change all that. He’s a wrestling fan and a hip-hop artist who loves both so much that he’s willing to make it work between the two of them. He wants to show you that not only can wrestling and hip-hop go together, but they can go together well. And if he sets the world on fire in the process, that’s only icing on the cake.

And because I also loved both, I was immediately a fan. And when I’m a fan of something, I get all curious about it. I reached out to the man in order to pick his brain and fortunately for me – and for you if you’re a fan of both hip-hop and pro wrestling – he was more than willing to oblige.

Image from

So hey, man. Please introduce yourself real quick, and briefly tell us, in your own words and vision, about the music you're making.

Fasho. First, I go by Billy Gram, most my friends, my family, my comrades call me “Gram.” I’m from a special place called the Bay Area, my city being Fairfield, CA and I represent a situation called Fresh Music. I guess you could say I march to the beat of my own drum when it comes to rapping. I’m probably as big a pro wrestling fan as I am a hip-hop fan, so every now and then I like to try and marry those worlds. I’m always optimistic people are and will be receptive of it. I think it puts an interesting spin on what I bring to the table musically.

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