5 Gift Card Ideas Your Geeky Friends Would Love

If there is a TV series that would best describe geeks, it has to be Glee. Thanks to this wonderful new TV series, it changed the world’s perception of geeks. In the past, people referred to geeks as outcasts and losers. Since most geeks love books and tech trends, people pretending to be cool disliked these hobbies because they were convinced that geeks did not know how to have fun.

Everyone is different in every way - what may be fun to her might not be so much fun to him and vice versa. All these factors make each person unique in a good way.

Glee has showed everyone that being a geek is not a bad thing. In fact, it is fun to be a geek. Due to this show, many people have started befriending geeks and have become a little nicer to them. And by being nice, it would not hurt to give them some token of appreciation every now and then. But what kind of gifts would really make geeks happy?

Geeks are not that hard to please. In fact, they can be pleased by the simplest things, but what would really make their eyes light up are gift cards where they get to choose the stuff they really need or want. Here are five of the best gift card ideas for your geeky loved ones:

1. Amazon Gift Cards

Anyone would surely love to receive Amazon gift cards. Even if you are not a geek, there is certainly something at Amazon for you. From kindle accessories to the latest bestselling novels and even the latest games and movies, Amazon truly has got everyone covered.

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New 52 DC Stuff at SM Malls

Being a comic book fan used to be mean having to import comic book themed shirts at exorbitant prices or paying a premium for locally available stuff. That all changed when comic book apparel became mainstream, with silver age clothing being the hipstery thing to wear. Everyone who wanted to be different wanted to wear a Batman or Green Lantern shirt. Thankfully, there were so many "different" people that comic book licensed merchandise actually became profitable enough to be sold through regular channels in the country.

DC merchandise at SM Department stores aren't exactly new. They've been around for a few years. Some of my favorite shirts are from there. The material they use is sort of like Zara's, if you can believe that. And at 1/8th the price, too. So when GeekOut was invited to a press event last Sunday, March 30, 2014, I was actually quite curious as to what they would possibly be announcing.

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Why Redheads Are A Pinoy Geek Fantasy

Why Redheads Are A Pinoy Geek Fantasy

I think redheads are Pinoy geek Kryptonite.

For starters, they're hella uncommon in these parts – the Great Unknown in the Biblical sense. Combine that with the prominence of gingers in geek culture, writ large, from Cheryl Blossom to Amy Pond, via actual nerdy celebs like Felicia Day, and it's a surefire formula for South East Asian geek fantasy.

It’s all especially ironic when you consider that Mary Jane Watson types are meant to represent a sense of uniqueness, sure, but also *attainable* wish fulfillment – “You hit the jackpot!" as opposed to “In your dreams, Mister!”

Too bad they have no souls.

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A Guide On What To Do On Valentine's Day For Geeky Couples

Are you and your significant other what some people would classify as geeky? You have a hard time doing the conventional date thing with a lot of loud people buzzing around you? Problem is, truly geeky people don't enjoy what the rest of the conventional population enjoy. And more often than not, geeks are into many, diverse things that aren't normally considered appropriate for a Hallmark holiday like Valentine's Day. But fear not, my friends, for we have come up with a set of activities that you and your partner can enjoy together on Valentine's Day, strengthening your relationship and furthering your love for each other and all things geeky!

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Geeky Shirts

So, a few weeks ago, I had some extra time on my hands. Weirdly enough, extra time and I don't really mix, since I always find something to drain the hours with, among which Reddit is much appreciated for. In this particular instance, I thought it'd be cool to draw up some shirts. I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination. I know how to work image manipulation tools, but that's about it. But with my limited non-existent artistic ability, I went ahead with my idea and designed some shirts.

Check em' out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Green Lantern shirt

This is the front. A white line goes down the left side of the shirt. Green Lantern logo over the chest. On the sleeves, it would say "2814," which any Green Lantern fan knows is the space sector where you can find our very own planet Earth.

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