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Everything in the DC Universe has changed. All that history has been archived and kept for the history books. The prize to this giveaway is one such history book.

At the back, it says:

Embark on an amazing adventure through seventy-five years of DC Comics history!

The vibrant, visually stunning book chronicles the history of DC Comics from the 1930's through today, from the first time Superman donned his cape to the momentous crossover event, Blackest Night.

Comics, characters and storylines are presented alongside background information and real-world events to give readers a unique insight into the DC Universe.

The spectacular visual chronicle is written by DC Comics experts and includes original comic art from Jim Lee, Adam Hughes, Alex Ross and many more.

DC Comics Year by Year: A Visual Chronicle includes two exclusive prints by DC Comics artist Ryan Sook.

It'd  be a nice addition to your coffee table book collection. When you want to tell your grandchildren what Batman was like in his prime, you can pull out this book and show them how Batman really should be! Green Lantern didn't used to have a douchebag collar, prove it by showing them his bikini costume from this book. Superman doesn't need armor, prove it with classic 1930's Superman stories.

So, what do you have to do to win such an awesome prize? Thing is, you can't get something for nothing. If you had noticed, our favicon is Iron Fist's dragon. While it's cool, it doesn't really work all that great as a favicon. We need you guys to make a favicon for us. It's a mere 16x16 pixel image, with ico as the file name extension. It's simple, right? Make a 16x16 pixel image we can use, and you will win this prize!

Alternatively, we also do not have a tagline! Imagine that. Comicology has one; it is "The Study of Awesome." What do we use as a tagline for Give us a tagline and you can win this prize! The chances for you winning are higher if you make a favicon, though.

How to join:

- Make a favicon or craft up a tagline
- Upload your image somewhere ( and comment on this post (it's okay to use .jpg). Write the URL of the image or just comment with your tagline entry.
- Only one entry per person per option (favicon or tagline) is allowed
- Publishers are not allowed to join the contest, however authors and the public at large are still allowed to join. (Philippine residents only please)
- Entries for both favicon or tagline will only be accepted until September 18, 2011
- The best entry as judged by me will be the winner
- Announcement of the winner will be between September 18 and 19, 2011
- The winning entry may or may not be used as the official favicon or tagline of, at the discretion of the publishers and I.
- I will get in touch with the winner to arrange deliver or pick up of the prize

Good luck, everyone!

EDIT: Here's the consolation prize!


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