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Ever see something cool on ThinkGeek and go "Ooh, I want one!" only to realize that you would need a credit card, you'd pay shipping fees, and you'd probably end up having to pay tax so you end up not buying anything at all. A lot of the stuff I would love to own I found on ThinkGeek.com, but due to the restrictions, I would only be able to get my fill of geeky stuff if it was locally available somehow or if a relative from the States was coming home. 

Enter Abubot.ph. A new local online store, Abubot.ph, brings the ThinkGeek experience to our shores! Their prices are in pesos, they accept local credit cards, PayPal, bank deposit, and Western Union Money Transfer. They currently ship to Philippine addresses only, and their rates are reasonable. Of course, ThinkGeek still has more stuff, but that's because Abubot hasn't really hit its stride yet. It's up to us to make that happen.

Check out some stuff that they have that would be abso-freakin-lutely perfect for a geeky Christmas.


Yeah, they have dice.

They also have this 5" Finn figure for only P300.00.

This Kotobukiya Han Solo ice tray for only P590, which I totally want, by the way.

The Pandemic board game for only P1750!

And this totally sweet Skeletor shirt for only P380!

So, if you have a geeky friend and you don't know what to get him this Christmas, it's a safe bet they want something from Abubot.ph. I know I would. *hint hint*


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