5 Gift Card Ideas Your Geeky Friends Would Love

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Clarissa Turner
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If there is a TV series that would best describe geeks, it has to be Glee. Thanks to this wonderful new TV series, it changed the world’s perception of geeks. In the past, people referred to geeks as outcasts and losers. Since most geeks love books and tech trends, people pretending to be cool disliked these hobbies because they were convinced that geeks did not know how to have fun.

Everyone is different in every way - what may be fun to her might not be so much fun to him and vice versa. All these factors make each person unique in a good way.

Glee has showed everyone that being a geek is not a bad thing. In fact, it is fun to be a geek. Due to this show, many people have started befriending geeks and have become a little nicer to them. And by being nice, it would not hurt to give them some token of appreciation every now and then. But what kind of gifts would really make geeks happy?

Geeks are not that hard to please. In fact, they can be pleased by the simplest things, but what would really make their eyes light up are gift cards where they get to choose the stuff they really need or want. Here are five of the best gift card ideas for your geeky loved ones:

1. Amazon Gift Cards

Anyone would surely love to receive Amazon gift cards. Even if you are not a geek, there is certainly something at Amazon for you. From kindle accessories to the latest bestselling novels and even the latest games and movies, Amazon truly has got everyone covered.

2. GameStop Gift Cards

While Amazon does offer Xbox membership cards which can light up every gamer’s eyes, GameStop offers an even greater selection. With a GameStop gift card, geeks will notonly have access to the latest Xbox games but to PS4, PC, Wii, 3DS, PS Vita and so much more. This gift card is definitely on every gamer’s wish list.If a geeky loved one would appreciate this, choose from a gift card that is delivered via standard mail or a digital gift certificate that is delivered via email within 48 hours of purchase.

3. Netflix Gift Cards

Everyone loves watching movies or television series, but most do not have theluxury of time to do so. For this special case, there is Netflix. Get a Netflix gift card and giveit to a geeky loved one - this allows them to be a member and have access tounlimited TV shows and movies for a certain amount of time.Another great thing about Netflix is that people can watch anywhere andanytime, even on the go on their mobile phone screens.

4. Best Buy Gift Cards

Who would not want these practical and useful gift cards? Best Buy hasbecome the world’s largest multi-channel consumer electronics retailer and isone of the top ten online retailers in the United States. From the latest devices to homeware stuff, Best Buy has it at the most practical price possible.

5. Lego Gift Cards

Lego is known to be the toy with the largest number of fans throughout the world regardlessof age and social status. When looking for a gift for a geeky loved one, Lego is probably one of the safest choices. As Lego teams up with major blockbuster movies, more geeks are going gaga over the latest editions. Another plus here would be cute design of the Lego wallet-sized plastic card -there are no taxes, fees and expiration date!


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