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Being a comic book fan used to be mean having to import comic book themed shirts at exorbitant prices or paying a premium for locally available stuff. That all changed when comic book apparel became mainstream, with silver age clothing being the hipstery thing to wear. Everyone who wanted to be different wanted to wear a Batman or Green Lantern shirt. Thankfully, there were so many "different" people that comic book licensed merchandise actually became profitable enough to be sold through regular channels in the country.

DC merchandise at SM Department stores aren't exactly new. They've been around for a few years. Some of my favorite shirts are from there. The material they use is sort of like Zara's, if you can believe that. And at 1/8th the price, too. So when GeekOut was invited to a press event last Sunday, March 30, 2014, I was actually quite curious as to what they would possibly be announcing.

Enter The New 52. Now, you and I know that the New 52 is DC's big universe reboot, explained away through time travel and speed forces, so this news comes as a delightful surprise to us. Finally, SM is going to start carrying merch with New 52 stuff on them.

Before I continue raving about affordable DC stuff, I just wanted to ask - does the target market even care about New 52? Comic book guys would know New 52, but I doubt little Joselito would care if his shiny new Batman backpack was Pre-52 of not. So, if that's the case - why are almost all their merch for kids? How come when a husky guy like me wears their shirts, I end up looking like a water balloon?

Okay, now that that's off my chest, let us continue:

Coming this May, we should see new stuff at those very distinguishable areas of the SM malls - they've got superheroes all over them, you won't miss it. There will be shirts, accessories, shoes, slippers, bags, hygiene products (because every kid just wants to put Batman in his mouth), personal care items, and even some household stuff like bed sheets and spoons and forks. They practically went crazy with everything they can slap a Batman logo on.

The shoes were definitely my favorites. They'll be produced by World Balance, and they will be affordable. I forget how much exactly but a pair isn't going to break the bank. Best part about it is they'll have em' in my size. My feet ain't so husky. Those Green Lantern sneaks are going to go great with my Green Lantern hoodie.

Oh, and those. I definitely want those.

Great thing is, they're going to be running a promo. For every purchase of P500 or more worth of DC stuff at the SM Store, you will be able to participate in their raffle draw. Here's what's up for grabs:

- Trip to Singapore to experience the first ever DC Super Heroes Cable Car ride with AR effects
- A Sony Playstation 4 with a copy of Injustice Gods Among Us

Okay, cool. So next time you're at an SM Department store, drop by the Teens' section and pick up a couple DC goodies.


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