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Every year, geeks from around the world gather at San Diego for the geek mecca known as the SDCC. And that time is upon us once again. We are going to be bombarded with news pipe bombs, trailers, toy previews, new comic book storylines, movie plans, exclusive merchandise that become ridiculously overpriced in the aftermarket and a hell of a lot more! There's normally just so much info coming in from the convention that it's hard to contain our excitement!

So, for the next few days, GeekOut authors and contributors, are going to geek out and discuss stuff in this thread. While news sites are busy giving us news, we're going to be busy geeking out. If you wanna add your two cents, you can shout out on the comments below or register and be a GeekOut author. Awesome? Awesome.

Bim: Here are the exclusives this year, brought to us by Machinima:

Those taco Deadpools and the bronze SR-1 Normandy are super sweet! Plus those DBZ scouters are going to say "IT'S OVER 9000!!!!"


Return of Marvel Legends was a success and the following waves included characters I NEVER THOUGHT WOULD BE MADE INTO A FIGURE. Now, after a few waves, there were issues about the release of variants and a lot of people (and I mean, A LOT) claimed that "Hey, they cancelled it -- don't hope for nothing" and that ML is already cancelled. Well, according Marvelous News, Hasbro pointed out that there was a problem with regards to the distribution and the same goes for the Marvel Universe line.

I'll be discussing it in my vlog tonight but for now, here are some updates with regards to what will come out after the Wolverine Legends Wave. Make sure to check out GeekOut for updates!


They did this last year with the Phoenix Five storyline, but this time they're taking it a step further by giving away FREE digital comics when you complete missions and introducing a "brand-new reward hero and even an entirely new character to the universe."

Man I love it when they do 360 shit like this.

Larry: Also if I were at the con, I'd probably be like

Bim: That is now my favorite .gif.

Larry: I know I'm days late but how about that J. Scott Campbell collection, huh?

Also why is my name in pink, Bim?!

Bim: Wala lang. Bagay sa'yo ang pink e.

DomMarvel Legends Collectors will surely feel me on this one! Where are the Variants?

Also, here are clearer pictures of the upcoming Marvel Legends -- and woah, they're coming up with bigger figures and smaller BAFs. Well, it was earlier stated that this will be the year of Mini BAFs (applause at the end of the hall) but the recently announced one was a shocker, Jubiliee.

I discussed it here:

Larry: Not that I can afford to buy a lot of 'em anymore but I miss seeing new Marvel Universe figures.

Bim: There have been a few Marvel Universe figures on display already. One of them is a black and white variation to the Bleeding Edge armor of Iron Man, though I'm not sure if that's been announced before. I can't say if I haven't seen it before. I'm kinda excited for that Elektra, which will be available next month. Want it hard!

The image is from Here's the full album. There are more MLs than MUs, though. I kind of think the MU line is slowing down. A lot more Marvel Legends have been coming out, and they're only about Php 300 more expensive but they're twice as big and way better made. I'm having second thoughts about stopping my collection completely because of the very nice figures coming out in the next year or so.

I need me a white Iron Fist and that Marvel Now! Hawkeye. Dom, know where I could possibly get those?

Okay, let's switch gears a little bit. Hot off the heels of Pacific Rim, a Godzilla movie for 2014 has been announced. Click here for the poster. This is what Gojira will look like.

What do you boys think?

Dom: Hey, Bim! I can't find any GBs where Hawkeye is not a good spot. I suggest checking Greenhills tomorrow and on Saturday (Big Boys). ;) 

OOH! Dope! I enjoyed Pacific Rim so much and I can really tell everyone enjoyed the battle scenes and as well as the graphics. Really is one hell of a movie. Story's a bit holed but the action filled it up good! --- and NEXT YEAR, we'll get a Godzilla movie?! Hell, yes! If Pacific Rim was able to deliver and really made the audience enjoy and understand the movie, I wish they can make it clearer when they release Godzilla. Thanks for sharing!

Another Marvel Breaking News!

Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe (6" and 3.75") will be "Rebranded"/"Rechristened" according to several updates from OnePerCase and MUCollectorclub. What do you think, guys?

Here's my take though. With all these news about "Rebranding" and "Rechristening" of our favorite lines, some points are a bit "definite":

  • There is still a 3.75" and 6" line.
  • Status of the both is "Rebranding" or "Rechristening".
  • Tied up with Movie Lines but there will be a Comic Series and Movie Series.
  • BAFs will return (So, there are still 6" figures**).
  • 3.75" will have an Avengers line next year and an X-Men on 2015.

So, we just have to wait until the Marvel/Hasbro Panel so that this can be confirmed.

Bim: As long as the figures keep the same level of quality and that the scale isn't changed, then I'm cool with whatever they call the line. A rebranding just means the marketing team thinks they want the line to be perceived differently. I sure hope they're not going to make it more child-friendly, like they're doing with those expensive and shitty Wolverine and Iron Man 3.75" figures.

Bim: Here's something that I woke up to that I got excited about. They're slowly revealing all the assassins Batman is going to face off against in Batman: Arkham Origins and today, they went with a female Copperhead.

I really, really like it! So excited for this game!

Bim: I'm sorry but someone just won the best costume of all time award. Good luck trying to top this.

Even Adam Savage is amazed.

Larry: Am I the only one who wasn't impressed with the X-Men reveal?

You want to know what's impressive though? THAT SENTINEL HEAD

Larry: Speaking of impressive...

Bim: Is that... a Sharknado hat? Holy crap, I want a Sharknado hat, too. A Sharknado hat must be standard con merchandise for all attendees. We should mass produce that and live off the profits like kings. Well, that is until we're sued for copyright claims.

For the X-Men stuff, I dunno. I was never a fan of the original X-Men: First Class movie and that's why I'm not so excited for it even if they did show off that amazing Sentinel head. I'll still see it in the theaters, though. Wait, is Jennifer Lawrence going to be in it again?

Here's something Peter pointed out to me. This is the Avatar: Legend of Korra Book 2 trailer.

I wasn't so happy with Book 1. It felt like it lacked the charm of Avatar: The Last Airbender, a series that I think is a brilliant masterpiece. But yeah, this new trailer looks promising. The scale seems to have evolved past the big city and is now taking on a more Airbender-y feel. This is going to be interesting.

And here's another trailer that deserves a spot on this thread. Electro, muthafuggas!

Now I'm stoked for Amazing Spider-Man 2. The costume rocks, the villain is legit and Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy might take a short trip off a tall bridge. Color me interested.

One more interesting thing I saw over Twitter this morning was Jay Tablante getting his prints signed by Stan Lee and Jim Lee (wait, those two aren't related, are they?).

Pic was taken from Jay Tablante's Twitter stream. Hope he doesn't mind me using it here. I've always enjoyed his work. Like I said in this article, the Jinri Park Psylocke shots have always been my favorite.  While some think he's lived long enough to be the villain, I still think what he does is too goddamned cool and the fact that Stan "The Man" Lee signed his Phoenix print is just COOL BEANS.

And speaking of cosplay, it's always been a cornerstone of every con, especially the SDCC. Besides Ms. Sharknado hat over there, I haven't really seen any stand-out ones. Have you guys seen any?

Larry: I thought First Class was just okay. I think this has been said a million times already but c'mon Fox, just sell the X-Men rights back to Marvel? You obviously do not care about the characters and it shows. Anyway yeah man, JLaw is coming back. This BTS photo came out last May.

Anyhoo, I just heard that they showed the FULL PILOT of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and it looks like the people who got to see it loved it. Lucky bastards. I can't wait for September, which coincentally is also the month that Legend of Korra Book 2 will come out. Man I am spazzing already.

Bim: Oh, she looks like she lost some weight. And looks like an entirely different human being, maybe because of makeup. Also BOOBS!

Larry: So last night, I heard a rumor that Zack Snyder was doing a Superman and Batman film as a follow up to Man of Steel, so I kind of "hung out" online to wait for the official announcement but I dozed off before I could confirm the news. A few minutes ago, I woke up to this:

The line from Miller's The Dark Knight Returns gave me goosebumps. 

I'm not the biggest fan of the Man of Steel movie, but I have to admit this thing right here is pretty damn exciting.

Bim: I listened to that video and the reaction was INSANE. Man, when they were saying the line, the anticipation and the reveal was bananas!

I think the movies reveal of the SDCC are always the con's best moments. And that's why I completely and utterly freaked out when I heard Joss Whedon finally reveal Avengers 2: Age of Ultron! Holy balls!

I doubt it'd follow the events in that mini-series that recently ended. I think the most they'll have in common would be the title. The MCU just isn't large enough or deep enough to pull off something like that convincingly. Plus there's Wolverine whose rights belong to Fox, so that ain't happening. It's probably going to play out more like Ultron Unlimited. What's almost pretty sure is Hank Pym, right? He created Ultron. Unless, of course, they change Ultron's origins altogether. Stoked to see more details to come to light in the next few months.

EDIT: Joss Whedon said it himself, they're going to change the origins of Ultron. So, what does Hank Pym have left to do?

Some minor Captain America: Winter Soldier details have also been revealed like the way ScarJo's Black Widow is very integral to Cap's story. ScarJo also says the Cap Am: Winter Soldier is going to be gritty, and Chris Evans confirms the movie pretty much revolves around how Cap is still trying to get used to the world as it is now, and that it takes place after the events of The Avengers. Those deets are cool, I guess. I'll probably geek out more when I see the trailer.

The Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be FUN! Batista was said to look ripped and they've done about 12/13 days of shooting. There's also new footage but we don't have access yet. In the meantime, here's some concept art.

Oh and Karen Gillian is bald.

Larry: Here's a visual.

About the Age of Ultron reveal... I guess I'm just worried that it would borrow heavily from the AoU miniseries, which sucked sour frog ass. A title is never just a title. As long as they don't use that as a main basis, I'm good. It'd be rad to see an Ultron origin story.

In other news, the How I  Met Your Mother promo for season 9 is brilliant.

Romeo: Why, hello there. Do you like... Magic?

Unfortunately, the WWE's participation at SDCC isn't really something I'm interested in discussing (other than the fact that the Miz will be hosting SummerSlam this year - I'll be talking about that in the corresponding Running Diary, and if you need an idea of how that's gonna go down, just go watch a replay of WrestleMania 27, which the Rock hosts).

Today, I'm going to talk about something else I geek out on, but haven't done so in a while: Magic: the Gathering. I haven't played it seriously in a long, long time, but I've been keeping tabs on it lately because I like what I see - I just don't have the money for it.

And this year's large fall block, Theros, is something that might just pull me back in. It has a good chance of pulling me back in, from the mere looks of it. It's a Greek mythology-inspired setting, and that alone is enough to sell me on it.

Check out these pieces of art that were previewed at Comic-Con:

These guys are GODS. GODS. That's never been done before in the game - planeswalkers used to be immortal, but now they've been nerfed after the events of Time Spiral block.

There's gonna be a Heroes vs. Monsters theme going on and the look of the entire thing is definitely, unquestionably Ancient Greek. I can't wait. I'm most probably going to play at the prerelease.

Bim: Ever since high school, I've been trying to get people to teach me how to play Magic: The Gathering. It seems that some intelligence is required to play it.

Mark: I'm excited for the new Heroclix sets that were shown in SDCC. In just a few months I can possibly own an X-Men or Brotherhood of Mutants team base and... Batman '66 figs! Got glimpses of the figs at



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