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ToyCon is like mid-year Christmas for geeks in the Philippines, and it is happening right now, June 14 to 16, 2013! You, being a reader of this humble blog, are very likely the type of person who would want to go to ToyCon and wish for it to never end. I'm sure you guys don't need convincing, but just in case, here are few good reasons to go.

Picture somewhat unrelated, but I know this will make YOU click on the post.

I go to ToyCon mostly to gawk at things I can never really afford, like the SSV Normandy replica and the awesome busts and statues but what I love the most is that it truly is a gathering of like-minded people. Try listening in on conversations around you. You'll hear people talking about what they love with a passion of a thousand burning suns. Earlier today, two gents were discussing which Captain America story arc would be the most likely candidate for Captain America 3 if ever that gets made. And they were throwing ideas around like crazy. Keep your ears open, you'll hear a lot of interesting things.

The other great reasons are in this video. I admit that the video is three times as long as it should be but there was just so much stuff that I felt like I couldn't leave things out. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to capture the scope and magnitude of this year's ToyCon.

And that was just Day 1. On Day 2, Saturday, June 15th, they'll be opening up the display area. They'll have panel discussions with such topics as "Is Superman Still Relevant?" (yes, he is) and a talk by the open source crowd of Mozilla Philippines. You may get to play around with the Firefox OS, too. Alodia and Jinri Park will also make appearances. And just like that, I bet a whole bunch of you just dropped whatever they were doing and sped over to Megamall.

On Day 3, June 16th, they'll have the cosplay competition, which is always balls-to-the-wall fun. For a full schedule, click right here.

ToyCon gets bigger and more diverse every year. This year, they have a UMvC3 tourney over at the 99.5 Play FM booth, and they've got robotic displays meant for the academe, and creative studios that offer job and training opportunities for aspiring digital artists. Props to the ToyCon organizers! See you guys again next year!


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