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You know, when I was in DLSU, I don't recall there being a Lasallian Media Week but I may just not have been paying attention. Apparently, it is a week long event that showcases the various talents of the University's major media groups. This year, the theme is Responsible Digital Citizenship, which was prompted as a response to the proposed Cybercrime Law. "Think before you post!"

Part of the activities of the Lasallian Media Week is the Student Media Office Comic Convention. I dunno, but I'm kinda sad that nothing like this happened in the time I was there. Apparently, it only started last year. Like all other full blown legit comic convention, there will be comic book exhibits, forums with guest artists (I think I saw a pic with Carlo Pagulayan there, probably from last year), merchandise and display booths - most likely toy collections.

Of course, it isn't a proper comic con if there is no cosplay competition. Every good con organizer knows that getting cosplayers together is the best way to get a good sized crowd. Everyone loves seeing people in costume. Cosplayers will be judged by artists and professional cosplayers. I had no idea such a profession existed except for this guy, but I guess times change. Here are the competition guidelines!

Sign up for the cosplay competition here.

Even if you're planning to simply attend the event, here are a few things you should remember.

- Sign up with this form before Jan. 18, 2013. In the form, they'll ask for things like ID# if applicable. I seriously don't wanna write ID 101 because yes, I'm old. They'll also ask for the gadgets you'll be bringing in. Remember, it's still a school so you should expect a little more security than your average con. Don't worry, it's for your protection also anyhow.

- Entrance is at the South Gate. If you don't know where that is, it's the gate they always show on the news or the UAAP games. Seriously, it's the most famous gate so shame on you for not knowing it.

- There is a dress code, so you have to follow it. Learn it here. During my time, the old dress code was still in place. After I graduated, they removed it and I think it may have been abused a little, which forced school admin to put it back. Don't worry, if I recall correctly, the dress code is reasonable and you won't be required to come in a button down shirt or anything like that.

For the full set of guidelines, click here.

The SMO Comic Convention is happening on Jan. 25, 2013, 1pm until 8pm at the Yuchengco Lobby, DLSU, Manila. Remember to REGISTER before Jan. 18!

If you're a DLSU graduate and your marketing department is looking to be part of the event as a media sponsor, contact the organizers because they have very affordable partnership packages that'll get you exposure among that highly contested "hip" college student demographic.

If you have further questions, hit them up on Facebook. And I guess I'll be seeing you at my old alma mater on the 25th. 


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