2012 GeekOut Face Off Battle Royale

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Here it is! This moment has been delayed enough. It is now time to determine who is crowned the 2012 GeekOut Face Off Tournament CHAMPION!

Before we get to the poll, here are a few reminders. During the 5th round, we got a few complaints about how the poll doesn't start and end on the time we pegged it at. This is because the polling widget I use references some other time zone. I have no clue how to fix it. It doesn't use the local time I set for GeekOut, which the scheduled articles use to publish themselves. It doesn't also follow the local time of the computer setting it. So, to remedy this, I have set the voting to 1 week from now. What time it stops, I have no clue, but it should end around Friday morning or Saturday night next week.

Keep your eyes on the prize, contestants!

CHAMPION: Two Paper Toss shirts (I just hope they fit you) and P1000 GC from Toy Kingdom! Yes, that's a new prize! I don't know where to get the budget for it yet, but I'm sure I can figure it out somehow.

CONSOLATION PRIZE: Here's a new twist. Vote and leave a comment, explaining your vote. Why do you think the character you voted for should win the tournament? The best answer picked by the authors and editors will win P500 GC from Toy Kingdom!

Let's get it on!

Kapibara-San, the least likely survivor of the elimination rounds, has made it to the finals. Does the most adorbz thing on this list have what it takes to take on gods among men? Can he just be drowned out by the awesomeness that is the Brave and the Bold version of Aquaman? Aquaman sure hopes so. He'll do it while singing, too.

But then again, not if Gru's Minions have anything to say about it! They're packing rocket launchers, lasers, shrinking rays and whatever else evil geniuses need for world domination. They're an army bred for a single purpose - evil - and they're armed to the teeth. Even Thor might have a hard time taking these critters down, even though he can bring lightning down on them and smash them up with Mjolnir. Ah, but the thunder god is not so easily bested. If anyone might stand a chance, it might be TOAA.

There are demi-gods, there are gods and there are entities like The One Above All, whose power is nigh limitless. Cyclops, the real mutant messiah, has had some experience controlling unlimited power recently. Sure, he didn't do so well, but he did manage to revive an entire species, so he didn't do that bad a job.

Final Battle Royale

Kapibara-San VS Aquaman VS The Minions VS Thor Odinson VS The One Above All VS Cyclops! Who will win the 2012 GeekOut Face Off Tournament!

The vote is already over! It ended on Friday, 23.November 2012 (23:00).

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