More Amazing Spider-Man Goodies from Jollibee!

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Movie based spider-goodies are at everyone's favorite fast food joint run by a giant smiling bee! They came out with fantastic Avengers stuff last month, so I'm hoping this next batch of collectibles are going to be just as cool. Starting June 22 until July 31, 2012, the merchandise will be available with every purchase of a Jollibee Kids meal.

But before we talk about the smaller meals, let's talk about the one I'm buying as soon as I get to the Jollibee near the office on the 27th - Chickenjoy Bucket.

Do you know what the only way to make Chickenjoy better is? It's to add three plates of spaghetti and about 6 more piece of Chickenjoy. Putting a pic of Spider-Man doesn't hurt either. Pretty sure Spidey fans are going to buy a couple buckets and display them somewhere. This is if they find five other friends who just happen to be hungry at the time. Very hungry.

The bucket meal goes for P395 for the 6 piece bucket, or P475 for the 8 piece bucket.

Spider Toss

I don't know what the heck is going on there, but it looks like Spidey taking a dump on a hidden Mickey or half the Olympic symbol. Or, you know, it could actually be a variation of the ring and bottle game at the carnival, or like a horseshoe game.

Spider-Man Ultimate Projector

You know how Spidey has that spotlight on the buckle of what should be a belt where there shouldn't be one because he's in spandex? Yeah, this is probably an approximation of that.

Sling Shooter

This looks like a slingshot. I'm not sure if you could mount it on your wrist, like Spider-Man's web shooters. It'd be totally awesome if it were, though. The soft discs don't look too painful so I recommend your younger sister as target practice.

Spider-Man Tumbler

Now this, this is amazing. I still actually use that plastic mug that shows the Avengers when hot water is poured inside, though I should probably swap that out for a ceramic mug because plastic and scalding water don't really go together all that well. I'm pretty sure if I pick this up, I'll use it for far longer than recommended by the manufacturer. Oh, but a bit of good news is that the tumbler is available starting June 22 until July 25 for P55 every time you purchase any Jollibee burger or sandwich value meal.


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