Face Off Elimination Round 3

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Round 3 took a while to put up, folks. Sorry about that. But hey, as promised, we're here for a fictional character brawl, and this is what we're getting! A few rule reminders before we get down and dirty. You can vote once per poll. You can choose to vote using multiple devices, but please don't cheat.

When you ask other people to vote for your character, please encourage them to vote for the other polls, too. The more votes we get, the less pathetic this contest will seem to get. You and your friends can vote until Saturday night, June 9, 2012, at around 10 PM. Unfortunately, I don't think we can announce the winners officially until Sunday or Monday, though. But we'll try to make sure votes stop at that time.

If you have any trouble voting, please let us know immediately. Okay. LET'S GET IT ON!

Match 9: Tyrion Lannister VS Squirrel Girl

For those who don't know who Squirrel Girl is, you might want to look her up on Google. Try using "Squirrel Girl beats Dr. Doom" as your keyword. Let's see if Tyrion's silver tongue can get him out of this one.

{jvotesystem poll=|12|}

Match 10: The One Above All VS Franklin Richard

A match of these power levels is essentially like telling the universe to go fuck itself.

{jvotesystem poll=|13|}

Match 11: Sterling Archer VS Gundam Wing

If super spying is all you know how to do, does that include mecha-killing?

{jvotesystem poll=|14|}

Match 12: Motoko Kusanagi VS Cyclops VS Mew

Here we go with another triple threat match. This one has a fairly diverse set of combatants - cyborg, a mutant and something that looks like a cross between a rabbit, a cat and adorableness.

{jvotesystem poll=|15|}

Remember, voting is up to Saturday only. Tell all your friends to vote, too!


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