Round 2 Results

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Round 2 came and went, and this time around, we saw very few votes. Maybe it's because it was a weekend and maybe because there was a problem with the polling system. For some reason, it seems like the polls would say you had already voted when, in fact, you hadn't. I would appreciate it if any of those who experienced that problem would lemme know through the comments so I can fix it. So far, it happened with us only when using the Dolphin browser on mobile devices. Lemme know if this is the case.

For this round of fights, we garnered a total of 138 votes. Remind me to never hold this thing on a weekend again please.

Match 5: The Minions outcute Yotsuba Koiwai

This was a cut and dry match from the get go. The minions took an early lead and just ran with it winning with 23 votes against Yotsuba's 8.

Match 6: Jake the Dog wins a close match against Tails

Votes for both competitors never really got away from each other, but Jake stretches his way to victory with 18 votes, over Tails' 16.

Match 7: Ace defeats another sexually ambiguous character, Arya

Even though Arya took a large early lead, this campaign quickly earned Ace of the Ambiguously Gay Duo a spot in the next round. Ace ends up with 19, Arya gets 16.

Match 8: Thor just decimates Maverick

If you think about it, Thor going up against Maverick would really end up this way pretty much, even if Maverick can absorb kinetic energy. Thor got a whopping 33 votes and Maverick gets a miniscule 5.

Elimination Round 3 should begin sometime next Tuesday. Stay tuned!


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