Face Off Elimination Round 2

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Round 1 was fairly successful by our understandably low standards, but c'mon, folks. We can do a little better than 339 votes. Oh, and since I noticed that most of the votes went to the very first poll above the fold, it's fairly obvious that when you ask people to vote, they don't bother scrolling down.

If you're new here, scroll down. There are three more polls down there somewhere. Please vote for who you think is more deserving of Paper Toss shirts! But again, remember, you only get 1 vote per poll. You can go to multiple computers and vote or you can delete your cookies, but again, being a dick and cheating at game like this is bad form and no fun. You and your friends can vote until 10PM, Sunday night, June 3, 2012.

And with that, let us commence! Without further ado, let the second elimination round begin!

Match 5: Yotsuba Koiwai VS Minions

Cute anime girl against multiple genetically manipulated minions of evil! What this poll boils down to is what kind of human being you really are.

{jvotesystem poll=|8|}

Match 6: Tails VS Jake the Dog

The battle of the sidekicks! Also, both of them tend to be more useful than the main character.

{jvotesystem poll=|9|}

Match 7: Ace of the Ambiguously Gay Duo VS Arya Stark

Pretty sure Arya will end up ambiguously gay, too.

{jvotesystem poll=|10|}

Match 8: Thor Odinson VS Maverick

Maverick's always had a niche following. Can he topple the god of thunder?

{jvotesystem poll=|11|}

If you're reading up to this point, then congratulations, you've learned how to scroll down! Results will be announced Sunday or Monday night!


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