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I think we've planned on making Geek Out Face Offs before but never really got around to doing it. Back in the old Comicology days, we did Hawkeye VS Green Arrow, Iron Man VS Batman and... uh... we may have stopped that list there. Okay, so we dropped the ball. Time to pick it back up with GeekOut. Let's kick it off right with a match-up I've been day dreaming of since I was a little kid.

Combatron VS The Blue Bomber, Rockman (or Megaman for you North Americans)! We'll go over different aspects of the characters' mythos and see who comes out on top. Weigh in on the comments, too, if you've got something to say.


Combatron is actually just a regular kid who was bestowed with a suit that gave him power, and it came quite accidentally, too, just any classic superhero origin would. He had to don the armor to defeat Megadeath!

Rockman is a cybernetic robot enhanced to be able to defeat the forces of Dr. Wily.

Based on their purpose for existence, I'd say this one's pretty much a tie - one's the defender of the Earth and the other is the defender of the Earth from Dr. Wily in the year 20XX.

Team/ Supporting Characters

Combatron has got two allies and a Rush counterpart - Askal, a robotic dog. The two aforementioned allies are Axel and Metallica. Their names give them an additional three million points. Also, quick trivia, Axel was based off the writer and artist of Viktar Istarkid, Michael Angelo Andaya. He and Berlin are good friends.

From this site. Thanks!

Rockman's got a bit of an edge when it comes to friends since he's been around a little longer. He has Roll by his side, and Rush, of course. There's Dr. White, and I think practically all of Rockman 1 robots changed sides, if the comics are anything to go by. His most notable ally would be Blues, also known as Protoman.

I'm not even gonna count the Megaman X ones because putting Zero here would just give the win automatically to the Rockman side of things.

This round goes to Rockman just for the sheer awesomeness of Protoman/Blues.

Villains/ Arch Enemies

Combatron faced dudes like Alchitran, Death Metal and Megadeath. As you can see, Berlin had a sense of humor and a thing for alternative musical references. All of them were insanely powerful and really kept Combatron on his toes.

On the Rockman side of things, the one main baddie would be Dr. Wily, who had multiple mini-boss minions. The most memorable ones would have to be Gutsman, Quickman, Shadowman, Tomahawkman and Cutman.

Okay, if we go by villain names alone, no one really wins, but considering one is a world-eating alien

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and the other is some balding mad scientist, I'd say Combatron wins this round.

Powers/ Weaponry

Combatron has super strength, speed and high durability. He can whip out energy blasts from his gloves and an energy sword. Eventually, he got new abilities - Galactic Thunder and Galactic Phoenix.

Rockman has one basic attack - his Mega Buster. He gains additional attacks and powers by absorbing the powers of his opponents and some augmentation that grants flight and a power punch by combining with Rush. In all the years Rockman's been fighting, he must have amassed dozens upon dozens of powers by now.

Rockman has a power for any situation, and he is in no shortage of powers so we give this round to Rockman.

The Winner:

Sorry Combatron fans, but the numbers are just stacked against him. Rockman's got the experience, the powers and the resources to completely and utterly decimate Combatron.

Don't think so? Let us know on the comments!


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