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If you're the type of person to want to go as something during Halloween but never really has the patience, the drive or the time to put something special together, then you're a lot like us. Well, most of us, at least. Putting a costume together isn't an easy thing, really. First, you have to conceptualize. Do you wanna go out as a comic book character? A TV personality perhaps? Maybe a historically inaccurate figure like a ninja? Once you've decided, then actual work comes into play. Depending on the complexity of your chosen costume, the time requirements and difficulty vary. The most complex your costume, the more work you gotta put into it. You'll be running from one store to another, acquiring pieces and parts. You may even have to do a little sewing. Who's got time for that?

Now, to help you out with all that, us nerds put our noggins together and we came up with ideas for the busy Halloween party goer.

Gino says:

Dress up as a serial killer by putting on a black jacket and holding up a pair of scissors.

Rowan says:

So, it’s Halloween. You’re strapped for cash and your girlfriend is bugging you to be her date to their company costume party. What do you do? You go to your bodega and whip up the most badass costume of one of the most beloved and most popular icons of Japanese media: Astro Boy!

To pull this look off, you would need:

  • Plain black underwear (briefs or boxer-briefs)
  • Red rain boots
  • Hair gel
  • Beer
  • Green belt (optional: Do YOU own a green belt?!


  • Strip off every item of clothing you have.
  • Put on all of what’s listed above.
  • Style your hair like Astro Boy (emphasizing on the horn-like protrusions).
  • Drink beer for a boost in confidence. 
  • Throw away your self-respect and ParTAY!

If you’re skilled enough, you’d be as hardcore as this heartbreaker right here:

I forgot! Step 6: Don't get a boner.

The only thing to do now is strut your stuff and watch people be stunned with awe and amazement of your sheer ingenuity. Happy Halloween!

Coco says:

If you have the armpits of a Greek goddess and the ability to withstand Manila's ballsack-dampening humidity like I do (I am not ashamed of this), then a Clark Kent costume might be the thing for you. Alls you gots to do is wear a Superman shirt underneath a nice suit that you have tucked away for weddings and shit, and a pair of ginormous pseudo-intellectual glasses. You can leave enough buttons open and clip your shirt's placket and your tie to the inside of your coat so the Superman insignia would just slightly peek itself. Voila. You're Clark Kent, motherfucker.
Also, if you've been a fan of Conan O'Brien since his "Late Night" days, then you should have a ton of costume ideas based on that show's most popular characters. One particular character comes to mind: "Shoeverine." Shoeverine is basically Logan without the adamantium claws, but with shoes for hands. Simply put on a white tank top, wax your hair and style it to resemble Wolverine's crazy coiffure, and most importantly, wear shoes on your hands.
Adhiakin says:
The first thing that came to me was Namor, speedos and triangular illustration board wing cut-outs.
It's Namor, bitch!
Ryan says:
Be Piolo Pascual for a night.
Find a big pic of Piolo's face, or any celebrity for that matter, and cut out the head. You can get it from a magazine, or you could download one and print it up. Cut holes where the eyes, nose and lips would be. Add in some rubber bands to hold them in place and Voila! Artista ka na!
Bim says:
If you really think about it, our favorite Gamma monster doesn't really wear a costume. There are just a few prerequisites to pulling off the Hulk look. You just need to be green, and you need to wear fucked up pants. That's it. Grab 5 or so green markers, ask a kid to go crazy on you. Ask the kid to go crazy on a pair of purple pants. You're all set. Oh but you're saying "Bim, you to be super buff to be the Hulk!" Fuck no.
Slangards says:
With 2012 upon us, one of the most timely costumes you can where is the crazy zealot on the street corner wearing a signboard.

Pants are optional.

Another good choice is a Transformer. Now you're probably thinking that this is entirely too complicated. You're not a cosplayer! You don't have the scratch or the talent to Papier-mâché yourself into an Optimus Prime costume!

Fine, but what about Balikbayan Boximus Prime?

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