The Winner of the Geek Out Giveaway

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Bim is a socially adjusted geek with an unhealthy obsession for burgers. Follow him on Twitter (@TheBim) if you like high fives and nonsense.


Congratulations to Mr. Gino Carteciano for winning the Giveaway! We are now using the favicon he designed - . If you can't see it on your browser's tabs, you may have to clear your cache. If you don't, I guess it'll change eventually for you anyway. I will get in touch with Gino to ask him which one of the two prizes he wants.

The consolation prize goes to Mr. Marc Cypher because we really liked his favicon, too! Essentially, we went with Gino's on a coin toss. Whatever Mr. Carteciano doesn't pick, you get.

There were a few taglines that we really liked, too, but unfortunately we only have two prizes. Thank you all for joining the contest and please don't be discouraged from joining others in the future! We might have something coming up real soon.


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