Amazon Joins the Tablet War with Kindle Fire

But one ups everyone else.

They've recently surprised everyone by announcing the Kindle Fire, a full-fledged tablet that runs Android OS on a dual core processor and implements cloud storage. It also focuses on your basic multimedia needs- web browsing, checking e-mail, watching videos, listening to music, playing Angry Birds games and of course, reading e-books. How awesome does that sound? Pretty darn.

Kindle Fire ($199) Come up with a tablet that features what everyone wants, offer it for really cheap, and give it a cool name. That's how to one up everybody else.

And it gets better.The Kindle Fire will come with a price tag of only USD199. That's less than half of what most tablets cost these days. Granted, it will have limited capabilities, but really, the Kindle Fire has pretty much everything you need in a tablet.

The new Kindle ($79) The Kindle Touch ($99)

Besides the Kindle Fire, Amazon is also releasing improved versions of the most popular e-book reader- the (new) Kindle and the Kindle Touch. The new Kindle is basically like the old one, but lighter and faster. The Kindle Touch will do without a keyboard and feature a touch screen.

These new toys will sell like pancakes as soon as they're out. Get them now, they're all available for pre-order on the Amazon website, but only if you have a US shipping address.

Bim's note: If you don't have a US shipping address, Johnny Air it!

PS3 Stereo Headset Review


Okay, before we get to the review, let me tell you how I got it. So, for a couple weeks now, I've been checking out Datablitz and signing reservations in multiple branches. Thing is, the line for this thing is so looooooong. On a whim, I decided to Google iTech numbers just to ask if they had it in stock. Glorietta 3 had 1 left so I reserved it and got it immediately after work.

Unboxing time!

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The Four Most User-Friendly Free Storage Sites

Gone are the days when people make use of plastic folders, photo albums, file drawers, and underneath the bed to stow important documents and family pictures. Nowadays your files are most probably being stored as bits of 1’s and 0’s and are securely backed up in stacks of DVDs and terabytes of hard drives.

But then there is the concern of backing up your current back up.

I got my favorite MP3 single backed up and zipped three times for good measure.

Fortunately, there are several free storage sites that offer up to 25 GB of free space. Besides backup, online storage are best used for sharing large files to several people, collaboration, as file host for blogs and websites, or if you just need instant access to your data anywhere. Below are famous data storage websites that I had the chance to use.

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Mionix Naos 3200 Review

PC gamers get the best toys. Since most of the equipment isn't standardized in terms of quality and specifications, and peripherals come with different specializations, a PC gamer can actually give himself an edge by picking out the most awesome stuff. All that really limits a PC gamer would be his access to finite resources. Yes, the higher end gaming peripherals can cost an arm and a leg, and sometimes a testicle (the good one). It's good to know there are items out there that provide similar performance but at lower cost.

Enter the Mionix Naos 3200 high performance gaming mouse.

Selling at about P2,400-P2,600 only, this mouse gives you control and performance just a few hundred DPI levels shy of the really high end gaming mice. Here's a little video I put together showing the unboxing (or lack thereof), a quick overview of the software and some Modern Warfare 2 footage. I apologize for the crappy audio voice over recording. Next time, I promise to keep the mic farther away from my mouth.

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Official PS3 7.1 Cans

Last week, Sony silently released their official simulated 7.1 headset for the PS3. It was met with great reviews on YouTube. A few days later, these cans made their way to Datablitz. Here's the catch - each branch only got 1 unit! I made my way to the closest Datablitz but I got there a few minutes too late as it was already reserved. They were accepting reservations but they weren't selling the units because they didn't a price in pesos yet.

In the US, they go for $99. At the time of writing, Datablitz has finally released their official price - P3,995! Holy balls that is a goddamn good price! You get P200 off when you pay in cash, so that's about P3,795! Those who were able to reserve are already able to pick up their official PS3 headphones. Yeah, it's only a little pricier than the bluetooth headset, which I bought but barely use. I guess I'll bring that thing to the office and use it to look like a doucher when I take my calls.

It comes with 1 week warranty for replacement, but that's about it. Unfortunately, as of now, Sept. 12, 2011, there are no reports of new stocks. They said they might have some more coming in soon! We'll post a review as soon as we get our grubby, greasy, cheeto-laced hands on it.


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