Fictional Cars I Wish I Owned

A few weeks ago, I got an idea for a post here at thanks to an email I received from Carmudi. I thought to myself "Man, it'd be cool if Carmudi had every conceivable car on their listing." With that rattling in my head, I listed down what cars from fiction would just be awesome to drive down the Skyway while blasting some Katy Perry or some Taylor Swift. Let's go take a look at that list right now!


Let's get the obvious one out of the way from the get-go. The Batmobile is one of the most recognizable fictional car despite it having many, many looks. The specs and features of the Batmobile really depends on the medium and the story it was featured in, but they all have one thing in common - badassery.

I'm actually quite partial to the BTAS batmobile, though. Look at that thing. 

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Iron Man Gauntlet 32GB Flash Drive on Abubot

Do you guys remember the Christmas guide last 2013? We mentioned the Iron Man Gauntlet on the list. Though Iron Man 3 was a bit of letdown, the Mark 42 armor was pretty cool. We found one store where it was available but it quickly disappeared. 

Well, good news - it's back on the market for only P1,620 at! Here's their write-up:

This articulated Iron Man hand is the perfect gift or to add to your geek collection. Amaze your office-mates, bring it to a meeting and save your data in style!


  • Capacity: 32GB
  • USB 2.0
  • Plug and Play
  • Supports Win98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS 9.X/Linux2.4 without device drive
  • 10 years Data Retention


  • Metro Manila: 3 to 5 days max (P80.00)
  • Provincial: 5 to 10 days max (P150.00)
  • Check out our shipping rates here

I'm picking one up, too, I think. I've been meaning to get a work flash drive anyhow.


Egomotion Gets Fund to Your Smartphone More Smarter

Yes, you read that correctly. A company called Egomotion has been granted funding to develop a platform to make smartphones even better than what are available in the market today. Imagine a smartphone that would be able to perform activities without the touch of a button but is based on your schedule or your lifestyle. Imagine a mobile phone that allows users to maximize the advantage of mobile technology. That’s just how this company envisions the mobiles phone of the future.

Egomotion is a company that specializes in mobile and pc applications. Among their budding portfolio are the following: Agent and Trigger. Agent is an app that is like a personal assistant to mobile phone users. It allows automatic response to text messages during times when you can’t use your phone such as when you are driving. It allows you to remember where you park your car and it even screens phone calls at night so you only receive the most urgent or important ones. Trigger on the hand is like the pre-cursor for Agent. It’s an app that allows you to set your phone to do a list of activities using tags.

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Sony PH Launches Peripherals, Too!

Apart from the big news of Sony launching the PlayStation 4 officially here in the Philippines, it's good to mention that they're supporting the console with peripherals also! Collecting DS3 controllers has pretty much become an obsession for me, so the idea of getting official peripherals from Sony is giving me a geek boner right now. Without further ado, folks, let's dive into it.

Dualshock 4

What is it: The PlayStation 4 controller. You kind of need one.

How much is it: Php 3,399. Fairly priced, I think.

Do I want one: Your unit comes with one, but if you want to play couch co-op or competitively, you're gonna need another one.

It goes for way more than the DualShock 3, and that makes me a sad panda, but considering it comes with a headphone jack and a touchpad that doubles as another button, I think the increase in price is justifiable. I just won't be able to buy more than I need like I did with the DS3. I talked about the DS4 a little bit more here.

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Things To Consider Post Sony PH Launch of PS4

Yesterday saw the official Sony Philippines launch of the much anticipated PlayStation 4. Sure, it came out earlier in other gaming stores, but yesterday's event is a pretty big deal. Until now, Sony Philippines hasn't really supported a game console from launch. The PlayStation 3 was eventually supported, but that came late in the unit's lifecycle. Gamers here in the Philippines, especially us console peasants, have been clamoring for official support since both Sony and Microsoft have operations here. So, yes, we now have it!

I'm not going to talk about what the PlayStation 4 is or its specs, since if you're reading this, I'm going to assume you're a gamer on the fence about getting one or you're unsure from which store you should get the console. For details on the event and the specs, check out and PinoyTechBlog. They're fantastic reads.

In this post, I'll be talking about what to consider when getting a PlayStation 4 here in the Philippines. But before that, I wanted to briefly discuss my experience with the PS4.

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