Sony PH Launches Peripherals, Too!

Apart from the big news of Sony launching the PlayStation 4 officially here in the Philippines, it's good to mention that they're supporting the console with peripherals also! Collecting DS3 controllers has pretty much become an obsession for me, so the idea of getting official peripherals from Sony is giving me a geek boner right now. Without further ado, folks, let's dive into it.

Dualshock 4

What is it: The PlayStation 4 controller. You kind of need one.

How much is it: Php 3,399. Fairly priced, I think.

Do I want one: Your unit comes with one, but if you want to play couch co-op or competitively, you're gonna need another one.

It goes for way more than the DualShock 3, and that makes me a sad panda, but considering it comes with a headphone jack and a touchpad that doubles as another button, I think the increase in price is justifiable. I just won't be able to buy more than I need like I did with the DS3. I talked about the DS4 a little bit more here.

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Things To Consider Post Sony PH Launch of PS4

Yesterday saw the official Sony Philippines launch of the much anticipated PlayStation 4. Sure, it came out earlier in other gaming stores, but yesterday's event is a pretty big deal. Until now, Sony Philippines hasn't really supported a game console from launch. The PlayStation 3 was eventually supported, but that came late in the unit's lifecycle. Gamers here in the Philippines, especially us console peasants, have been clamoring for official support since both Sony and Microsoft have operations here. So, yes, we now have it!

I'm not going to talk about what the PlayStation 4 is or its specs, since if you're reading this, I'm going to assume you're a gamer on the fence about getting one or you're unsure from which store you should get the console. For details on the event and the specs, check out and PinoyTechBlog. They're fantastic reads.

In this post, I'll be talking about what to consider when getting a PlayStation 4 here in the Philippines. But before that, I wanted to briefly discuss my experience with the PS4.

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The 28th Visual Arts Competition

I think that, in a sense, all comic book fans are lovers of visual arts. Besides the stories, the art is what initially draws us in as fans. As aspiring student photographers, you guys should be drawn to Php 50 grand and this sweet camera.

For 28 years, PLDT and Directory Philippines Corporation have been holding their annual Visual Arts Competition. It's a celebration of art and it's used to determine which photo is to be used on the cover of the Yellow Pages. Yes, there are still a few people who use the phone book. You know, up where there's no Internet.

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Thor: The Dark World Mjolnir Flash Drive from Jollibee

Thor: The Dark World goodies from Jollibee are popping up left and right! Today, we just caught wind of a new burger offering and a sweet Mjolnir flash drive!

The Mjolnir is pretty damn cool. It has a 1GB capacity, which isn't huge but for the price and for the design, it isn't bad. This would work perfectly for transporting small files around the office. You'd be all "YOUR FILES BE ON MAH HAMMAH!" And then you pull out your Mjolnir and your workmate pretends to not be able to lift it, and then you laugh at his unworthiness as you smite him. Good times, good times.

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Six Reasons Why It's Still a Good Idea to Buy A PS3 or Xbox 360

The next generation of gaming consoles are coming in force very, very soon. Nintendo released their next-gen salvo a whole year early with the Wii-U, which came out Nov. 12, 2012. Sony and Microsoft, the two top dogs right now, are going to set their new consoles loose closer together, with the PS4 coming out on Nov. 15, 2013 in the US and Nov. 29, 2013 in Europe, and the Xbox One coming out on Nov. 22, 2013. For us living in the great archipelago of the Philippines, though, we may be getting them probably a couple weeks after stated release dates.

People who own current-gen (soon to be last-gen) consoles and people who have never owned a console before are thinking of jumping right in the deep end of the next-gen pool and buy a PS4/Xbox One right at launch. A bunch of people from the international forums I follow have pre-ordered their systems already. BUT HOLD YOUR HORSES! Let me tell you why it may be a good idea to hold off on that and get a PS3 or 360 first, if you don't have one yet.

Let me try and give you a few reasons why buying a PS3 or Xbox 360 now or even a few months after the release of the next gen consoles is still a viable idea.

We actually just got one! It's white!

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