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A few months back I embarked on a quest to find a pair of kick ass gaming headsets. I was going through reviews of the Tritton AX5 and the Turtlebeach Ear Force. They all seemed to be perfect for the job, except for the fact that I was actually on a ridiculously tight budget. I would never be able to justify 5.1 or 7.1 headsets to myself given the moolah I had to work with.

I then went on a search to find kick ass stereo headsets under Php 2,000. Lo and behold, I was led to the Thermaltake eSports Shock Spin gaming headset!

Here is a video of the unboxing and my first impressions:

What I love about this headset is the way it fits on my head. It's so snug! However, despite the perfect airtight fit, you aren't closed out to the world. In case your house is on fire or someone calls out your name, you're still very likely to hear it.

Since my game room isn't airconditioned and we do live in the tropics, ear sweat has always been a problem for me. Unfortunately, due to the snugness of the Thermaltake eSports Shock Spin headset, it continues to be the bane of my gaming existence. A quick 30 minute gaming session already has my ears sweating, and I'd have to take my headset off and give myself a quick wipe.

While playing Black Ops, I found it quite easy to tell whether the enemy is coming from either my left or right. It was easy to tell how far away they were, too. The only problem is, having only two channels, I couldn't tell if they were more to my front or my back. This has led to many a stressful time, trying to pinpoint where the other player really is then getting shot in the face with a shotgun.

I picked the Thermaltake eSports Shock Spin headset up for a little under Php 2,300. The quality and lack of features still doesn't make the price seem fair, even though the quality of the detached mic is really good. If I were you, I'd hold out and get me nicer pair of stereo headphones for a little more cash or find cheaper ones that provide the same experience.


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