GAMDIAS Achilles - an RGB Gaming Chair!

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It's finally happened, you guys! First, we had RGB keyboards and mice. Then the world got a little crazy and started putting RGB lights on headphones. And then, if that wasn't enough, even motherboards have RGB lights now. But GAMDIAS took a look at all of those and said "Hold my beer."

Introducing the GAMDIAS Achilles P1 and M1, RGB gaming chairs. 

The P1 is the premium model with an adjustable armrest and extra footrest for extra comfort. The RGB lights can be powered either by your PC (I'm guessing via a USB port, because I'm sure you have 3 extra ports in front of your case) or a power bank. If connected to your PC, you can choose up to 10 lighting effect customizations. Now, you can pretend to go full-on Christmas tree when gaming.

They really do look like comfy chairs and I wouldn't mind owning one if I had the space for it at home. I'm digging that color scheme on the blue and black chair.

Realistically, you probably wouldn't use the RGB lights all the time, but it is a feature that's there should you want it.


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