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Sony threw out some big news on us all in their keynote speech at Gamescom 2011. They officially announced a worldwide PS3 price drop! Booyah! The 160GB model goes down to $250 from $300. The 320GB model goes for $300, and it ships with InFamous 2, which is a fucking good game, by the way. Really - UGC missions that don't suck ass? SOLD!

Now I can confidently say I might give this as a gift sometime in the next 3 years.

Here in the Philippines, we'll likely feel the effects of this price drop in the next couple months. Remember when the 360 dropped their prices and released their slim version? That took about 4 weeks to 6 weeks before we started seeing them on the shelves, yeah? Stores have to get rid of their old stocks first before piling on new ones. The 320GB model, at P42.50/$1 exchange rate, should chime in at Php 12,900. That same unit currently sells at Php 15,500 already at Datablitz, and it drops even further to Php 14,600 if you pay by cash. I'll drop by a Datablitz soon to see how much they'll sell the PS3 when the price drop takes effect.

I don't know about you guys but a price drop has me kind of worried. Are unit sales down? Are they phasing it out? Are we going to hear even more rumors about the PS4? I mean, the PS3 first shipped November of 2006. That was 5 years ago. With the speed at which technology moves, we shouldn't be surprised if the announcement comes sooner rather than later.


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