Gamdias Launches RGB Peripheral Line

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Ever heard of a gaming company called Gamdias? Well, don't beat yourself up if you haven't. But it would be your fault to not check them out now that you have. They're probably the best gaming peripheral company that you've never heard before. Linus actually thinks they're innovative enough to have their own niche in the world.

They've come out with some pretty interesting stuff. I'm actually kinda sad that I've never caught wind of them before. Their Hermes Ultimate keyboards are pretty interesting, and for a pretty good price, too.

And now, they're coming out with their new RGB line of products. Now, personally, I've always been a single color guy myself, but I have to recognize that RGB does have its place. 



Remember I said that Gamdias is all about innovation? Well, here they are introducing the world's first double-level RGB customizable streaming lighting mice. The Zeus P1 flagship mouse features 16.8 million double level RGB lights and 12,000 DPI optical sensor. it also comes with 8 buttons that can be customized through their HERA app. 

The usefulness of RGB lighting on a mouse kinda boggles my mind, though, since you'll never really look directly at while you're using it. I guess it because it looks pretty enough.


The Hermes keyboards are mechanical keyboards with built-in RGB backlighting with 4 levels of brightness. They're also waterproof for when you spill some coffee on them. (PROTIP: Don't spill coffee on your keyboards). They have a suspended keycap, which I find really interesting. In other models, you can choose to remove them if want to. I'm not entirely sure if you could do the same with the Hermes. Oh and it comes with a wrist rest, a feature I'm kind missing on my current keyboard.

Controlling the lighting features should be easy with HERA; you should be able to make fine color adjustments and effects. Oh, and macros, too.

The keys are GAMDIAS certified mechanical switches. Not entirely sure if they're Cherry MX keys. Their older keyboards had Cherry MX Reds. Anyhoo, their mechanical keys are rated for 50 million presses. The keyboards are made with aluminum, too.


Gaming headets, HEBE M1 and HEBE E1, come with RGB lighting, too. The only justification I can see for RGB-lighting your headphones is because you wanna maintain a certain look. Otherwise, what the hell is the point of it? You cannot see your ears when you're using them. However, these headphones have WAY more going for them than just the lighting.

The M1 has a smart remote control. It has a unidirectional flexible mic, too. Comfort is considered, too, with oversized ear cups. It is equipped with a 50mm HD driver. The E1 has the same smart remote control and oversized ear cups, but has an omnidirectional flexible mic and a 40mm driver instead.

These products will see a price soon and more details will be revealed by late October. Getting them in the Philippines may be another deal altogether. I wonder if I can import a few and give a couple away here. I dunno. We'll see.

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