Corsair HD120 RGB and SP120 RGB LED Case Fans

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Quick - what's one of the best things about putting together a PC? If you said "the colorful lights," then you'd be right. My PC build is named Kobalt, and I made sure to outfit him with all blue LEDs. I even thought of picking up some LED strips to illuminate the inside of the case, too. Good thing I like blue lights, though, because I'm stuck with them. If only there was a way I could change the LED colors of my fans... oh, wait, there is.

Check out Corsair's HD120 RGB LED High Performance 120mm PWM fans and SP120 RGB LED High Performance 120mm fans with controller.

Look at all the pretty colors!


The Corsair SP120 RGB LED PC case fans deliver high-pressure air and stunning RGB colors straight into and out of your PC case. Corsair claims they're quiet, and even though they all claim that, I've always found that Corsair fans are actually quite quiet.

The blades themselves are frosted, so they distribute the lights nicely. To control that lighting better, the SP120 comes with a three-button controller so you can cycle through colors and effects. They're pretty and all but what really matters is the cooling. 

Well, they're supposed to better performance over standard case fans. I guess that's always the case. Aftermarket fans are always better than default case fans.

Are they quiet? Corsair fans usually are. Icing on the cake is that they come with a 2-year warranty.



The HD120 RGB LED fans are very similar to SP120 except for more advanced lighting. 

Equipped with a three-button controller, you can customize your fans with different effects and different fan color combinations. Each of the 12 LEDs built-into the fans can be individually controlled, which means you can come up with funky color combos. PWM control range is 800 to 1725. To take advantage of the PWM, though, you'd need a motherboard that supports it.

Today, Kobalt is rocking Thermaltakes, but eventually when I upgrade, I may just get these puppies.


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