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Yes, you read that correctly. A company called Egomotion has been granted funding to develop a platform to make smartphones even better than what are available in the market today. Imagine a smartphone that would be able to perform activities without the touch of a button but is based on your schedule or your lifestyle. Imagine a mobile phone that allows users to maximize the advantage of mobile technology. That’s just how this company envisions the mobiles phone of the future.

Egomotion is a company that specializes in mobile and pc applications. Among their budding portfolio are the following: Agent and Trigger. Agent is an app that is like a personal assistant to mobile phone users. It allows automatic response to text messages during times when you can’t use your phone such as when you are driving. It allows you to remember where you park your car and it even screens phone calls at night so you only receive the most urgent or important ones. Trigger on the hand is like the pre-cursor for Agent. It’s an app that allows you to set your phone to do a list of activities using tags.

Looking at the applications made by Egomotion, it seems like this company is indeed going for that direction of creating software to make smartphones more intelligent or user-friendly. This may be one of the reasons why they were able to convince investors to bank on a new project to create an even smarter smartphone.

Egomotion was able to raise funds to start this particular project. This is surely a project that is expected to make a breakthrough as no less than the co-founder of Android, Rich Miner through Google Ventures is among the major investors with a total investment of $750,000 .  People can’t help but wonder especially that even the co-founder of the platform that they are trying to improve is banking on them. This should really mean something big.

This is just the first round of investors and other investors include: Initialized Capital, Atiq Raza who is the founder of NexGen, Hooman Borghei who is one of iPhone’s founding engineers, Bee Partners, Vipul Patel, Evan Schawrtz and Tim Jellison.

This is good news for developers and mobile phone users alike. It would encourage more innovation on the Android platform and if this becomes a success then people will be able to benefit from the results of this project. If you would like a preview of what this project might bring to the table, you should try the Agent application. It will definitely give you an idea on what Egomotion is cooking up.

Since their ultimate goal is to create a better Android platform, this will surely be a boost on the side of phones based on the same operating system. In the spirit of competition, it will not be long before Apple and Microsoft will start looking into similar technology to make their mobile operating systems better than the rest. This may not be good for the developers but surely it will be good for business and for consumers as everyone will be forced to develop only the best to stay in the competition.


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