Sony PH Launches Peripherals, Too!

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Apart from the big news of Sony launching the PlayStation 4 officially here in the Philippines, it's good to mention that they're supporting the console with peripherals also! Collecting DS3 controllers has pretty much become an obsession for me, so the idea of getting official peripherals from Sony is giving me a geek boner right now. Without further ado, folks, let's dive into it.

Dualshock 4

What is it: The PlayStation 4 controller. You kind of need one.

How much is it: Php 3,399. Fairly priced, I think.

Do I want one: Your unit comes with one, but if you want to play couch co-op or competitively, you're gonna need another one.

It goes for way more than the DualShock 3, and that makes me a sad panda, but considering it comes with a headphone jack and a touchpad that doubles as another button, I think the increase in price is justifiable. I just won't be able to buy more than I need like I did with the DS3. I talked about the DS4 a little bit more here.


PlayStation 4 Vertical Stand

What is it: It is a stand to keep your PlayStation 4 vertical.

How much is it: It goes for a very affordable Php 1,399.

Do I want one: If you're going to keep your PS4 unit vertical, then maybe. The PS4 stands perfectly well on its own, but this just adds stability to it.

Due to my lack of space, I've always kept my PS3 vertical. I sincerely doubt that would change with the PS4. I don't know if I'll be picking this up, but since it's el cheapo, it's likely.


PlayStation 4 Camera

What is it: The PlayStation 4 camera used for motion controls and creepy face to face conversations with strangers. Just kidding.

How much is it: It goes for a measly Php 3,399. I was surprised at how cheap it was. I paid 6 grand for the PlayStation Move bundle.

Do I want one: Your DS4 natively works with it, but apart from Playroom, what the hell else are you going to use it on? This?

If I were you, I'd definitely think of getting one, but just not right now. I'm not sure, but does Killzone: Shadows Fall support this? It doesn't seem like it does, unlike Killzone 3, which I had a blast playing with the Sharpshooter. (The ONLY game I played with the Sharpshooter.)


PlayStation Vita TV (okay, technically not a peripheral)

What is it: It is essentially a PS Vita, the handheld successor to the PSP, without the display and built-in controller.

How much is it: Goes for Php 8,599.

Do I want one: Call me crazy but the appeal of the Vita was that it was handheld. But it is cheaper than a PS3, and it comes with a white DS3 controller, which already goes for Php 2,600.

Think about it this way - the PS Vita TV can be used to remote play your PS4, just like your PS Vita. So if you have a good WiFi connection at home, you can have your PlayStation 4 in your living room and the PS Vita TV in your room, and you can stream your PS4 games in your room through your PS Vita TV. You would pay Php 8,599 to avoid the hassle of taking your PS4, unplugging everything, lugging it to somewhere else in your house, plugging it back in, and eventually having to take it back. That's a damn fine deal.

Also, should we get the PlayStation Now service, this baby will be able to stream PS3 games as well. It's just a hub, really - remote PS4 play, PS Vita games (Golden Abyss rocks), and a streaming PS3 console IF we get the PlayStation Now service in the Philippines.


Head Mounted Wearable HDTV in 2D/3D (AKA the best goddamned thing in the world)

What is it: It's an HDTV you put on your face. It's wearable awesomeness.

How much it is: A staggering Php 49,999. Retails for $1000 in the US.

Do I want one: Fucking yes. You do want one. Of course you'd want one. Why the hell wouldn't you want one of these amazing things?

EXCEPT that this isn't the one they showed off at CES 2014. This does not have the motion tracker; it is merely the current model. It really is just a TV in front of your face, which is awesome in its own right, but it's no Oculus Rift.

I tried it out with Killzone: Shadows Fall and OH MY GOD I did not want to leave. If a line had not formed behind me, and the Sony reps asking me politely to let others try, I wouldn't have left.

If you're a gamer, I suggest to wait until (if it ever does) the Oculus Rift comes to the PS4. If the Oculus Rift never comes to the PS4, then go ahead and get the newer model with the motion tracker IF enough games support it. Or if you're rich enough, just go for it now then invite me over. I'll bring the snacks.


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