Thor: The Dark World Mjolnir Flash Drive from Jollibee

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Thor: The Dark World goodies from Jollibee are popping up left and right! Today, we just caught wind of a new burger offering and a sweet Mjolnir flash drive!

The Mjolnir is pretty damn cool. It has a 1GB capacity, which isn't huge but for the price and for the design, it isn't bad. This would work perfectly for transporting small files around the office. You'd be all "YOUR FILES BE ON MAH HAMMAH!" And then you pull out your Mjolnir and your workmate pretends to not be able to lift it, and then you laugh at his unworthiness as you smite him. Good times, good times.

It is made of rubber. It feels rubbery all over, with some give when you squeeze it. I guess that means it won't hurt as much if you decide to hit someone over the head with it. It seems very solidly built, too.

On one side, you have the Marvel logo, Thor The Dark World logo, and the theatrical opening date. On the other, you have the Jollibee logo. They're both embossed. On either side of the logos, you have a very intricately designed pattern, very similar to Thor's movie Mjolnir. The handle has some embossed ridges, too. At the bottom of the handle, there are two more intricate Norse patterns. Very nice.

With the hammer head on, it's about 4 inches tall, a little taller than a standard Marvel Universe action figure. Without the head, just as a little over 2 inches.

To pick up your very own Mjolnir, you can buy one for Php95 with every purchase of the Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ solo or from a value meal. As you might know, I'm a big burger fiend, so I happily dug into the Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ, but for more on that, check out BaconTunaMelt!


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