Let's Predict the PS4 and XBox 720 Features

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We are a few days away from Sony's big reveal this Feb. 20, 2013. We're almost 99% certain it's going to be the announcement of the PS4, mainly because it's what everyone expects and if it's anything else, you'll have about a million disappointed people on your hands. And because of that, a bunch of rumors have been floating around regarding the new features. It won't just be a bump up in specs and performance, no. The market's way too sophisticated now for just that. But if that's the case, what are the new features going to be?

We need you to help us sort through all the bullshit and predict the realistic features for both next gen consoles.

Just pick which 5 features you think will be the most likely inclusions in the next generation consoles.

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You can add options, too, in case your prediction doesn't show up in the given choices. By the 20th, we'll know the answers, and that's when these polls close, too, consequently.


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