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PC gamers get the best toys. Since most of the equipment isn't standardized in terms of quality and specifications, and peripherals come with different specializations, a PC gamer can actually give himself an edge by picking out the most awesome stuff. All that really limits a PC gamer would be his access to finite resources. Yes, the higher end gaming peripherals can cost an arm and a leg, and sometimes a testicle (the good one). It's good to know there are items out there that provide similar performance but at lower cost.

Enter the Mionix Naos 3200 high performance gaming mouse.

Selling at about P2,400-P2,600 only, this mouse gives you control and performance just a few hundred DPI levels shy of the really high end gaming mice. Here's a little video I put together showing the unboxing (or lack thereof), a quick overview of the software and some Modern Warfare 2 footage. I apologize for the crappy audio voice over recording. Next time, I promise to keep the mic farther away from my mouth.


It comes in a pretty nifty box, with magnets and everything. It includes nothing but the mouse and some instructions to download the driver. This is because you wouldn't need any software unless you want to customize your mouse and even then it really isn't all that useful. I guess it's also a way to keep the cost down.

Mouse Build

As soon as you see it, you know this baby is a tough workhorse of a mouse. The plastic and rubber coating feel solid, like it could withstand some abuse, which is good because you'll probably be putting it through a lot of irresponsible violent gaming motions.

With ergonomics clearly in mind, the Naos 3200 is designed for long hours of comfortable gaming. With cradles to accommodate your ring finger, pinky and thumb, none of your digits have to get strained when moving the mouse around. I can definitely say this thing is the most comfortable mouse I have ever used. Its weight is perfect, too. It doesn't have weight adjustments for balance like the higher end mice, but I think it's good as it is already. It's heavy enough to keep itself on the table but easy enough to push across the surface.

Underneath the Naos 3200 are four teflon feet, which ensure smoothness on most surfaces. It works great on almost all I've tried it on, except glass. It doesn't work on glass, unfortunately. On mousepads, it feels terrific.

Though I wish it was wireless, the Naos 3200 comes with a weaved cable that feels sturdy but is flexible enough to work with.

The Buttons

Probably my most favorite thing about the buttons on this mouse are the very audible clicks. A gaming mouse just doesn't feel like a gaming mouse if there is no loud click. They are also very nice to press down on, requiring just the right amount of pressure. Upon clicking, you would be able to tell that they're about as responsive as you would expect them to be.

The scroll button is perfectly positioned that you won't accidentally press it while trying to do something else. This is also true for the DPI up and DPI down buttons, although I may have hit them once or twice during the course of a MW2 gaming session. Honestly, I wish I could say the same for the buttons near the thumbs. The 5 key is easy to get to, and that's why I assigned E to it, but the 4 key is a bit out of reach for my small Asian hands.

DPI Settings

I found 3,200 to be a little too sensitive for me. Maybe just a peep under that number would have been perfect. I do, however, enjoy 1,600 a great deal on my FPS. It's faster than conventional mice but still gives me good control. Oddly enough, I find I love the 800 DPI setting for video and image editing because of the fine control it affords me.


For your first gaming mouse, this is definitely not a bad choice. If you're a serious gamer, though, then you might want to skip this one and go straight to the more customizable Mionix Naos 5000, which I hear is a beast of a gaming mouse.

I may not be the best at MW2 but this mouse definitely helps me out.


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