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The guys over at Microsoft are not being quiet amidst the frenzy that is Modern Warfare 3. Their major announcement was the MW3 XBox 360 console! Okay, this isn't the first time they made a game-inspired console, but this time around, the console comes with special functions and extra hardware!

The bundle comes with two wireless controllers, 320 GB of hard drive space, a copy of MW3 and of course the unit itself, which was given a battle-worn design. Here's what's cool about this - when powering up or ejecting the disc, it plays MW3 sound effects. Pretty cool, yes? Unfortunately, when your unit finally goes 3RL, the MW3 XBox 360 explodes and engulfs you and your loved ones in an 80's action movie style fireball. In the distance, you'll hear someone calling you a noob. Keep out of reach of children.

The rig will cost you approximately $399.00. Dunno how much it'll go for in Php, but you can bet it'd be in the P18,000 - P20,000 range.


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