What You Need To Know About The X-Men

In a couple of months, the X-Men will be split into two factions in a mini-event called 'X-Men: Regenesis'. It's a great time to be an X-fan and it's also a good time for people who want to read the X-books to jump on. If you're one of those people, you'll need a handy guide to get you up to speed with the current state of Marvel's merry mutants. If you only know the X-Men from the '90s animated series or the film franchise, or if you stopped reading X-Men comics 10 years ago for some reason or another, you definitely need to be reintroduced to the world of homo superiors before you dive into Regenesis. Luckily for you, this is that handy guide.

Let's start with the head honcho of the X-Men. No, it's no longer that bald dude in a wheelchair. The X-Men -- all of mutantkind, actually -- is now led by Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops.

I can tell you several instances of Cyclops' awesomeness but I don't want to take too much of your time. So I'm just going to tell you that Cyclops is the Jack Bauer of the X-Men. He does whatever needs to be done to protect mutantkind -- all 200 of them, more or less.

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Arkham City's Robin's Identity Revealed

Like all super successful video game franchises, Batman Arkham City came out with a comic book mini-series to set the tone and lay out the backstory. Thankfully, within the pages of Batman Arkham City #5, we were given a full look of Robin, The Boy Wonder.

Many speculated who Robin would be from the skins gallery, teaser art and the concept art. The height and build suggested Dick or Jason. The hood would make people think it was Damian. It could have easily been Tim due to color combinations and the weapon. So, who the hell is this guy anyway? Is he a totally new Robin for this universe?

Alright, time to look at the clues and decipher who this Robin really is.

Okay, so he's got those Arkham Asylum/City-esque Batman gloves, the futuristic suit with lots of lines, and a huge mask. He looks to be early to mid 20's. A scowl is on his face, so he's got some attitude. Oh and what's this? Blonde/ light brown hair! Ohohohoho! The only blonde Robin I know of is Stephanie Brown, and this obviously male character is no Stephanie Brown.

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With the DC reboot well underway, people are starting to form valid and informed opinions about DC's new direction. Some are writing reviews, and some are discussing it within like-minded forums. Other people decided to just tweet about it. There's a ridiculously hilarious hashtag on Twitter right now -#DCnUSpoilers! We picked out a few of my favorites!

Ade Magnaye of Comicgasm has some of the funnier ones.

Ooh, and Batman can't stick to walls but he can hang up-side-down real good.

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Avengers Line-up After Fear Itself

Fear Itself has been rolling along at full steam, and quite honestly, we like what we're seeing so far. The fights are epic in magnitude, the surprises have been unexpected (sort of), and the fallout from this event will be very interesting. However, the thing with the comic book industry is that it tends to spoil their own stories because of solicits. In exchange for truly not knowing the outcome of an event, we get some teasers to get us excited about what comes after. I guess if we really don't want to be spoiled, we should avoid solicits altogether, but sometimes they're just too damn tempting.

Marvel has released their post-Fear Itself Avengers lineup. I guess we know who lives and who dies (or goes missing).

From left to right, top to bottom: Vision, Spider-Man, Protector, Black Panther, Spider-Woman, Captain America, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Wolverine and Hawkeye

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