Addressing the Pink Elephant: How Turning Alan Scott Gay Went Wrong

I was playing a video game one evening when my dad walked up to me and said, “Did you know Green Lantern is gay now?” By then, it was already a few days after the news broke about Alan Scott’s new sexual orientation, and being the nerd I am, I was quick to inform him that it wasn’t the character Ryan Reynolds played in the movie. I understood how he could’ve been misinformed, though, since all the headlines were saying “Green Lantern Comes Out of Closet” in some form or other. Even the Examiner contributed to the confusion, combining a similar headline with a poster of the film.

Also, "Justin Society"? 

That’s what irked me about the whole thing. Alan Scott turning gay was clearly a publicity stunt timed around Obama’s public support of same-sex marriage, and it was sensationalized to a ridiculous degree. It wasn’t so much the news that his sexual preference was rebooted along with most of the DC Universe, but the way DC handled the development. They teased back in May that an “iconic character will reveal he is gay”, and speculation spread like wildfire. People left and right were guessing who the character might be, with some rational arguments for Superman, Batman, Kyle Rayner , Captain Marvel, and Dick Grayson. The obvious joke of it being the Martian Manhunter was also tossed around. Suddenly, everyone wanted to out a superhero, and DC fueled the situation with further hints, such as “he has yet to make his heroic debut”.

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Jollibee Avengers Comic Books

A couple weeks back, while I was browsing through Facebook, I saw a couple pics of Avengers comic books that had Jollibee on the cover. I was all "I don't know what the hell that is but I want one." So I did what any good fan would do and trekked on over to the nearest Jollibee and indulged in some good ole' fashioned fast food to get myself a copy of the freebies.

For those who don't know, Jollibee is the Philippine version of McDonald's, only with a giant bee instead of a creepy clown. It started out as a little ice cream parlor and it just blew up to ridiculous proportions. I mean, they're insanely big. They devour smaller food chains for fun. No, really, they do. Click on the Wiki link to read about it.

So, yeah, I bought me my Jollibee Kids Meal and got me my comics.

When did Captain America become an amputee?

The issue whose cover appears above was written by Ralph Macchio, the Marvel editor, not the Karate Kid; penciled and inked by Scott Koblish; colored by Veronica Gandini. The cover was done by Ron Lim and Chris Sotomayor.

When you pick this up, you have to remember that you are reading a comic book written for kids. The very first sentence on the first page can tell you that, even if the place where you got it doesn't. The dialogue is rife with exposition, and none of it is particularly interesting. Don't expect to read a Kree/Skrull War or an Ultron Unlimited or an Infinity Gauntlet. It's a one-shot, with 8 pages of the simplest of superhero plot ever - starts out with a peaceful scenario when a bad guy shows up then the good guys beat up bad guy.

Here's what's so awesome about it, though - it's narrated by Jollibee. Yes, by a giant bee.

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Fully Booked FCBD

So, who

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says Free Comic Book Day can only happen when everyone else is doing it? In this humble nerd's opinion, the spirit of FCBD should be celebrated everyday! By that, I mean, big bookstores giving out freebies. And Fully Booked is doing just that. I guess they timed it to coincide with a little somethin' somethin' brewing at their stores.

This Saturday, May 19, 2012, Fully Booked will be holding their very own Free Comic Book Day.

It says on their poster you can get a free comic book. I don't think they're going to do it like the other comic book stores that will just let you take 1 copy of each released FCBD title, depending on availability, of course. This could be your chance to go pick up that one title you missed out on, though.

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Free Comic Book Day 2012

My first Saturday of May has for the past several years been reserved for Free Comic Book Day.

What is Free Comic Book Day? Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) “is an annual promotional effort by the North American comic book industry to help bring readers into independent comic books stores”. What does this mean to you?

Free. Comics.

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Iron Man: Mark VII Android/ iOS App

Marvel just keeps rolling out with the Avengers goodies! Now that we've got only 8 days to wait, excitement levels are crazy. People have started posting their ticket reservations on Twitter and Facebook, and it seems that the closer to the premiere date you reserve, the cooler you are. So,to tide us all over until the 25th, Marvel gives us something we can really sink our teeth into - The Avengers - Iron Man: Mark VII.

It's an Android/ iOS app that tells the story of the evolution of Tony Stark's Iron Man armor from the Mk. I all the way to the Mk. VII. This is perfect for those who just need an Avengers fix, and for those wondering what the hell Stark puts around his wrists in this video.

The app is a fully interactive comic book. And when they said full interactive, they weren't kidding.

Take a protip, turn the narration on before you start it.

As you progress through the comic book, you can tap different elements within the frame to get some kind of reaction - people screaming, flame throwers going off, whiplash's whips powering up - that kind of thing. The pages don't tell you exactly what to tap, so you're going to have to experiment a little bit. There are pages that will have simple sound bites, while some pages let you assemble some stuff, which I found to be cool beans.

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