Trese 5 Review

By: Leiron Martija, The Comic Book Group fuhrer

Let me get it out of the way, I’m a big fan of Trese. Ever since I chanced upon the first issue in Powerbooks Alabang and sat around a coffee shop, reading it once, twice, thrice in one sitting, I knew I had stumbled upon something brilliant. Not just brilliant, mind you. Something bloody brilliant. As the introduction of the book goes, you can’t help kicking yourself in the head for not thinking of this idea – of a paranormal detective in the Philippines immersed in Philippine folklore and myth. So this won’t be an objective review. I don’t think objective reviews with comics (or anything for that matter) are possible. Instead, reviews are ways in which biases are stretched to the limit, and they either make it or don’t. Trese 5 – Midnight Tribunal is an enriching read, a step forward in character development, and testament to the potential of komiks in the Philippines. So yes. Anyway. I’m a big fan of Trese.

What I love the most about this comic is that it’s answered my prayers and finally engaged readers in a long-format style of telling its story. Since Trese 4 (which is still, I believe, a monumental step forward for the comic) Budjette Tan has been building something entertaining, immersive, and clever. Complimented with Kajo Baldisimo’s masterful artwork on black-and-white, Trese’s environment possesses a depth and darkness I haven’t seen done so well since Sin City. Or Batman: Black and White.

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Super Poker Powers

We all know Benjamin "The Thing" Grimm as the ultimate poker player in the Marvel Universe, though he probably doesn't have the right power set to be superhumanly effective at it. We've got guys who can read minds and predict the future. How will Thing do against that type of individual in a straight up game of no-limit Texas Hold 'Em poker? Not too well, I imagine. It kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it? Whose super powers or combinations thereof would be perfect for cleaning out suckers night after night at poker? Let's examine that.

We've all wished for powers when at the table. But what would work best?

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Kent Williams at Fully Booked

Comic books have always been a marriage of wordsmithing and art. Over the years, mind blowingly talented individuals, both writers and artists, have taken to the medium. In the early years of the funny pages, that notion would have been laughable. Unthinkable, even. These days, not so much. Clearly, for a good while now, comic books haven't been considered to be a lower form of art. If you want proof of that, just take a look at Kent Williams' work.

Kent Williams is an amazing painter. I'm not really well versed in the styles of painting, so I'm just gonna say his style reminds me of a mix between Frank Miller's stuff, Tony DeZuniga's work and a bag of water color. But, uh, he probably doesn't even use water color. Point is, he's a brilliant artist and he has graced the comic book world with his magical paint brushes.

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Avengers VS X-Men Has Concluded

So, the epic Marvel cross-over has finally concluded and I just got around to reading the last issue. I must say, as I read through it, it captivated and lost me multiple times throughout the story. I'm not sure how I feel about it so I'll explore that as I write this.

I haven't written about comics in a while. This is mostly due to the fact that I'm still about a month behind on the titles I follow. But here I am, wanting to write about AvX. This is probably going to be short and sweet, and a lot less"structured" as my other posts. Note: None of my posts are structured.

When it was first announced, the entire comic reading community sighed a collective exasperated sigh. Another major crossover of hero VS hero to draw in sales. To a lot of fans, Civil War still left a bad taste in their mouths for the way it ended and for how things are back to the status quo, like the war never happened. A lot of people expected this to do the same thing while driving up sales. Marvel practically took two of their biggest selling title characters and make them fight each other. Like we did as kids with our toys.

And they did very little to hide that fact. Hell, they even had a tie-in, AvX VS, that had absolutely nothing but Avengers and X-Men fighting. They would pit members of each faction and just have them fight just to see who would win. It had zero story. Sure, I loved Gambit VS Captain America, but, yeah, Marvel was milking it for all it was worth. Fans were getting a little tired of it, you know?

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Fully Booked's Flood Fund

A few weeks ago, torrential rains devastated large parts of Luzon, leaving many displaced and homeless. They need some help to get back on their feet. A lot of organizations pooled their resources together and tried to help out but it's kind of sad that a lot of the news we hear now are about politics and we hear nothing about the necessary continuous relief effort. It's like people just helped when it was cool to help so they feel good about themselves, while on an altruistic high.

Good news is that there are still organizations out there who are still on that effort. And if you happen to be a fan of great comic book art, then here's a good opportunity for you help out, as well as grab those one of a kind pieces from the most awesome comic book artists today.

Fully Booked is going to hold an auction for pieces generously donated by artists such as Heubert Khan Michael, Bong Dazo, Lan Medina, Kent Williams, Manix Abrera, Philip Tan, Lui Antonio, Charlie Adlard, Simone Bianchi and maybe a couple other folks.

Check out some of their donations:

This is Philip Tan's Batman, an 11x17 in. pin up.

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